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Does "green threads" necessarily imply cooperative multitasking?

Java used to have green threads, i.e., implemented inside the VM. The description of Python Eventlets says "Eventlet is built around the concept of green threads (i.e. coroutines...).... Green ...
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Implementing a method to achieve faster image acquisition

I hope I can explain my question clearly. I'm planning to do some real time 2D grayscale image acquisition, and after reading some articles, I noticed that many are using buffers or multithreading or ...
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One loop or MultiTasking with FreeRTOS in ESP32 project?

I programmed a CAN Bus logger for the ESP32 with ESP-IDF. Currently this is just one main program with one loop. In that loop data is read from the CAN-Bus receiver and written to one log file on a ...
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Multiprocessing vs multithreading

During my last job interview which was about half year ago, the technical guy asked me, whether the better option is to use e.g. 100 processes to do some work, or only one process but with 100 threads....
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How handling CPU-bound tasks can be implemented?

I understand task as task in C#, but this questions is not related to C#. Let's say I have single thread and two tasks (both CPU-bound). I would like to run them concurrently, without running one of ...
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When to use coroutine over generator?

Pipeline processing of data can be done either, using generators only Example generator in pipeline: def grep(source, pattern=None): patternObject = re.compile(pattern) for line in source: ...
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Why coroutines are back? [closed]

Most of the groundwork for coroutines occurred in the 60s/70s and then stopped in favor of alternatives(e.g., threads) Is there any substance to the renewed interest in coroutines that has been ...
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What is the "yield" functionality in Windows 3.11?

I have read that Windows 3.11 uses cooperative multitasking, which means that the OS does not do process scheduling whenever it wants, but rather the currently running process "yield" the execution to ...
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Is it possible and faster to run an application on an unused CPU core?

Is it possible to move an application (or task) to another core to make it run faster and get all of that cores processing power? The way I understand it is that in an operating system applications ...
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How to communicate between cooperative tasks "first me, then you"?

I am in the final stages of development of a simple embedded system. The device performs PID coefficient estimation and then instantiates a PID controller with the estimated coefficients. The ...
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are multithreading, multiprocessing, multitasking implemented at instruction set or OS?

On a computer with a single cpu core, must a multithreading program be implemented based on an OS? Can it be implemented in the instruction set and run without an OS? Can multiple programs run in ...
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How to handle multiple similar projects? Why? [duplicate]

I currently have 4 projects under development. All of them related to the same product (hardware) but different after all (desktop, android and web environments). That product, the hardware, is ...
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Should I fix small issues or let them go? [closed]

I ran into the following issue where a keyboard shortcut I was used to was no longer working in Ubuntu. That's just an example. For programming, this kinds of thing happens a lot, but it also happens ...
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How to manage/organise when you have to multi-task on multiple 1 man projects? [closed]

We are a team of developers working on multiple small projects - a developer could have 3 or more 1 man projects to work on and keep moving. It can feel like your time is pretty fragmented & ...
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Multiple projects - similar platforms or as different as possible?

When working on multiple projects simultaneously (for the sake of simplicity let's say half time each on two projects), which is better? Should the two projects Use the same language? Same/similar ...
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Multitasking how to keep track of what you're doing

I'm in a long debugging task, I need to figure out where to hook up some extra functionality I need. It's cumbersome work, and I've been debugging 2 whole days, and I'm on my third, but I work in ...
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