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What is the practicality of asking vendor to not include a specially developed feature in their standard package offering

I don't know if this is the right place to post this sort of question, so feel free to move it. Lets say that Vendor X is selling a certain software package. There are also other competitors, ...
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One resource per business object or many resources for many purposes?

I'm developing a JavaScript UI client and my back-end developer refuses to pass me the data in a form that I don't have to transform afterwards. So, I'm currently working on a mapper that contains a ...
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Client wants source code, but it contains a lot of shared code I reuse with other projects

I have a client who would like me to deliver the source code with a developed application binary. They originally said nothing about source code, but they recently said they need it. The contract is ...
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Is 25% to me as sole author a good deal? [closed]

This is my first contract negotiation. So I've written a program which supports some hardware that the company makes. (The support is important, and most customers will buy it, but the software ...
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How do I negotiate with a company to develop software? [closed]

I am a programmer, I am developing software expected to be between 50k to 100k line of code. I'd like to hire a company to develop an interface to my tool with other software by writing a plugin. This ...
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What repercussions a developer might expect after informing current employer that he is active in the job market? [closed]

A lot of developers, especially those that stay with the same company for many years and especially those working for large corporations with very healthy HR presence probably end up in this situation ...
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Warranty or guarantee clause for code breaking

Should I guarantee or add a warranty clause to my contract in the event code breaks or an anomaly occurs outside the client's hand or act of God? If so, what should that language say?
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