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NDA for heavily invested Enterprise ERP Platform [closed]

Background: I am a Php developer with a keen interest in Enterprise Design Patterns and Architecture. I have a relative (living in a different continent and has no business dealings in the country ...
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What is the risk of putting your actual developing code online

My question came from this question It seems to be actual developing code for a real application. What If your contract says that all code you made for app of your employer is a secret? Isn't it ...
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Software agreement for farming out development work [closed]

I'm looking for guidance from someone who has successfully hired a freelancer to assist with writing software they later marketed publicly. Simply, what kind of software agreement should I have the ...
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Can I (reasonably) refuse to sign an NDA for pro bono work? [closed]

A friend of mine (let's call him Joe) is working on a promising project, and has asked me for help. As a matter of friendship I agreed (orally) not to discuss the details, but now he has a potential ...
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What individual needs to be aware when signing a NDA with client? [closed]

I am very new to IT industry and have no prior experience. However I came into contact with a party who is gear to build a mobile application. But, they want me to sign NDA (No Disclosure Agreement). ...
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On the frontier between work and home

I think we've all been there: You hear of someone say "hey, wouldn't it be nice if platform X had feature Y?" You look around (on SO!), the feature really doesn't exist, even though it probably would ...
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Legal issues with an NDA that I do not want to sign [closed]

I've been given a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) to sign by my current employer that I do not want to sign. It is incredibly open ended and I feel that it should have been a condition of my initial ...
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Should I be wary of signing a non-disclosure agreement with someone I just met?

1/22/12 update in case you were puzzled as to why I haven't accepted an answer: Pretty much all of the answers make the obvious point that working for him would have been silly, but none of them ...
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NDA, a search for partner

I have an idea for what i believe would be a profitable Apple app store application. I also know that i don't have sufficient knowledge to complete it from start to finish and need help from more ...
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Do we need a non-disclosure agreement (NDA)?

We're going to meet a potential new client today and between ourselves started discussing the need for a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) and whether we need one at this juncture. In this case we don'...
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