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Best notation to store/read/compute complex relationships

I have created an application in which users and tasks can be entered. A task should be be assigned to one or more users. If more users can do a task, the task should be assigned in such a way that it ...
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Java's equivalent of C++'s double colon when writing a text about a code [closed]

What is the Java way to say in a text that a function belongs to a specific class? For example, when writing a C++ commit message, I say TimeInterval::toString() now uses a UTC timezone I.e., I ...
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Why is it uncommon (is it?) to use _ (underscore) in JS private vars?

Coming to JavaScript from C# and C/C++ world, I'm used to decorating my private members with underscore. But a couple of JS devs I know have told me it's not common in JS world, and my code looks "...
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How to represent a set in JSON?

JSON supports the following data structures (Java equivalents): Scalar, Array/List, and Map. A Set is not supported out-of-the-box in JSON. I thought about several ways to represent a set in JSON: [...
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What does pi mean in this BFS algorithm pseudocode?

I have the following pseudocode for breadth-first search algorithm BFS(G,s) 1 for each vertex u ∈ V(G) \ {s} 2 color[u] = white 3 d[u] = ∞ 4 π[u] = nil 5 color[s] = gray 6 d[s] = 0 ...
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Is there accepted decimal-based Unicode notation for technical audiences?

When writing for technical audiences, there are various ways to type Unicode representations, but they all seem to be Hexadecimal: \uFFFF - From C# / Java Strings \U0000FFFF - From C# / Java Strings ...
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Why are mostly 9999, 99999.... are used for making comparisons [closed]

I (I am sure everyone else also) have always seen comparisons of some value to 999 or 9999 .... etc. for e.g.: in CSS z-index: 9999 or some times str.length < 99999 I wonder if there is some ...
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Why do we use hungarian notations on local variable but not on function or global variable? [closed]

That doesn't seem to make sense. In local variable, we sort of know the type anyway. It's local. We're working on it. Yet in function name or global variable, the definition is very far away on ...
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How to write camel case for words like "phonenumber", "motorcycle", "wavelength", etc

I am having a problem in understanding how to apply camelCase syntax to some of my variable names. For example, how should I correctly write a word like "phonenumber" in camel case? Is it ...
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"Is" prefix and "On" suffix as reasonable exceptions to a "non-hungarian" naming standard?

First, I believe I've seen this question discussed here before, but I cannot find it. My apologies if you do find it. I'm starting a new project, and trying to figure out why IsResolved and/or ...
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How to create a feature map?

I have a big side project that I do now for 3 years. It has a lot of extra small tools to help me do tasks. Most of those tools are so old that I forgot what I have there. How to create a feature map ...
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How do you name your GUI controls?

It's a generally considered a bad practice to use the Hungarian notation, but is common to find GUI controls named userNameTextBox and userNameLabel. Do you put the control type in it's name? Isn't ...
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Notation used in 'Pearls of Functional Algorithm Design'

I just purchased the book 'Pearls of Functional Algorithm Design' by Richard Bird. Unfortunately, the book doesn't have any section that describes the notation that is used. You can view the ...
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Why is Big O taught instead of Big Theta?

Big O notation provides an upper bound to a function whereas Big Theta provides a tight bound. However I find that Big O notation is typically (and informally) taught and used when they really mean ...
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Wrapping my mind around prefix notation?

I'm reading about LISP. I understand how prefix notation works at a certain level, but I was wondering if there are any tricks to making it intuitive.
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Choosing a process modeling notation

It is questionable whether this question really belongs here, but, in any case, it does not fit in Stack Overflow or any other Stack Exchange site. So here I go. The purpose My current pet project ...
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Hungarian Notations/Systems Hungarian Should I? [closed]

I was wondering would it be worth using a form of standard such as Hungarian Notation/Systems Hungarian? Why would I bother if everything I'm doing now is working fine?
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Do you prefix variable names with an abbreviation of the variable types? (Hungarian Notation) [closed]

In my current job, there are no coding guidelines. Everyone pretty much codes the way he wants. Which is fine, since the company is small. However, one new guy recently proposed to always use ...
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Infix vs Prefix Notation - Which do you prefer?

I have been learning Clojure and looking at Scheme and CL which introduced me to the world of prefix notation. At first I didn't like it but it is still starting to grow on me. To be honest though, ...
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Is there a common mathematical symbology for collections?

I am being asked to define several of my algorithms in mathematical terms to describe my work to a customer. I am trying to determine if anybody knows whether common operators for collections like ...
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What is the appeal of Systems Hungarian? [closed]

In a now deleted question titled "What naming guidelines do you follow?", the author says: Also I prefer to code using hungarian notation from Charles Simonyi. I've run in to several ...
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Are type and scope prefixes worthwhile naming conventions?

Recently starting my first job as a software developer, I was a little thrown to be told that I did not have to follow any naming conventions in my code. Code written by groups working on other, ...
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