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How to send non real time push notifications so that the servers aren't hogged?

Our android application is built on java. And while sending push notifications we're using tomcat as a server. And it is doing more harm than good. Currently all the push notifications (FCM/APN) are ...
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How to design inter-service communication with notifications microservice?

I'm creating an application based on the microservice architecture and stuck on notifications microservice design. Basically it should be a service that notifies users about events happening in the ...
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Best practice to architect a system in which local users may override global definitions

Our travel industry client, operating across three continents and several countries, wants to standardize the process of choosing travel packages, air routes, hotels, and hundreds of other travel ...
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Handling notifications at scale

How do applications like twitter handle notifications at scale. For example @BarackObama has 131.3 million followers. When he tweets, how is that notification sent to all 131.3 million followers. I ...
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Handling realtime notification receivers in a paginated application

I am working on an application right now, which is fully paginated. The application basically providers the client (a browser SPA) with a list of all data items other users added, and it does that in ...
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How to implement notification system based on time that runs in regular intervals

I have a MySQL database with nodeJS server. I want to implement a notification functionality which is as follows. Once a user registers, I want to (inform) send some particular information to the user ...
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Where should email notification logic go?

My architecture looks like: Each block is an individual service. There may be more upstreams and downstreams added in the future. The upstreams need to send email notifications to users. Each email ...
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Summarizing actions of a web application and serve it as only one email rather than many

I have a web application that has a lot of multi-action items that are done that require an email notification. Although not the biggest deal, we currently have it set so that it sends an email to the ...
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Notification System Design for Multi User Application

I have a requirement to design a notification system for multi-user(~1000 users) application, here are the high level requirements. System event gets triggered on specific operations. On event ...
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Should a payment success or error page expire?

When payment is made, it either succeeds or fails for whatever reason. In this case, though not important, the payment is made on a third party payment website, like Paypal, and a callback url is ...
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Notification system on app using Firebase

I have to build an app that manages orders between customers who submit the orders and riders who deliver them. Riders work in shifts, so when a customer submits an order, only the riders that are ...
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Why are cloud services needed for push notifications?

We currently have a customer that wants us to implement push notifications to our app. The problem is that for this customer, security is really, really important... I am not able to find any official ...
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Microservice /Soa : how to fire notification depending on the caller?

I have this two use cases in a user registration process : Case 1 : the user register an account online and the system should send him an email notification in order to confirm that his account has ...
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Some questions on mobile push notification?

I need to work on android mobile push notification. I have recently gone through some of the tutorial on google. I would like to summarize the my understanding first Developer registers the app with ...
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Push Notifications : FCM : Https Issue

As per the documentation at, The FCM SDK is supported only in pages served over HTTPS. This is due to its use of service workers, which ...
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Design for 'inbox' with 'unread' feature

I am implementing a similar feature like the StackExchange Inbox and I have many considerations about the resource usage. My system has inbox messages, system health notifications and Achievements. ...
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How to handle the server side push notifications when an Apple device token refreshes?

Each time an iOS app is installed a new device token is generated. When the app asks the user for permission to push notifications one can get the new device token value. How can I know that this ...
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When to send a push notification to a chat app?

I want to add push notifications to an chat application I am working on. Initially I thought that I should write business logic to detect that a message wasn't delivered and then attempt to send the ...
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sending ajax request with setinterval . is it good?

I am developing a website where client needs that any notification should reach as soon as it is created. so i am using setinterval function of jquery and using ajax requests to get the notifications. ...
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Is there evidence to suggest that email notifications of build-breakage from a ci-server are industry standard?

In my organisation people regularly have 3K+ emails in their inbox. They're swamped and non-important email is ignored and lost. (Think big Corporation). Email ceases to be a useful medium in this ...
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Notifications in a microservice architecture: In Application Logic vs. Database Triggers

Context Our group builds and is responsible for maintaining multiple apps for a larger institution. We are in the process of breaking up our monoliths into reusable microservices (hooray!). When we ...
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Notification system design on mobile apps using AWS SNS

To simplify the use case, let's say I have a mobile app available for Android and iOS, similar to Instagram, where users can upload photos that can be commented, liked or disliked by other users. ...
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How to implement notifications for expiring items?

I am working on a Java / Spring web application. The application issues licenses on demand. Each license has an expiry date. Licenses can be renewed by the admin. I want to send an email notification ...
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Concept of push notifications - why is it only on mobile platforms? OSX/Windows/Linux?

At an operating system level, mobile operating systems support the notion of push notifications or a socket level 'persistent' communication with an app, whenever it is online. Why have the major ...
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Schedule Task prevent duplicate notification

I am creating schedule tasks that run on daily basis monitor system events and send email notification based on some criteria. For example, if user subscription will expire after one month, task ...
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How to build notification system in Azure

I have a system running in Azure that accepts messages via a REST endpoint. The customer has a certain number of devices that send some data for example temperature and we present this data in a web ...
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