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Null is the absence of a value. Null is typically used to indicate that a reference or pointer variable points to no object in memory.

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Are null references really a bad thing?

I've heard it said that the inclusion of null references in programming languages is the "billion dollar mistake". But why? Sure, they can cause NullReferenceExceptions, but so what? Any element of ...
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Should one check for null if he does not expect null?

Last week, we had a heated argument about handling nulls in our application's service layer. The question is in the .NET context, but it will be the same in Java and many other technologies. The ...
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null pointers vs. Null Object Pattern

Attribution: This grew out of a related P.SE question My background is in C / C++, but I have worked a fair amount in Java and am currently coding C#. Because of my C background, checking passed and ...
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Best way to handle nulls in Java? [closed]

I have some code that is failing because of NullPointerException. A method is being called on the object where the object does not exist. However, this led me to think about the best way to fix this....
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Law of Demeter and its applicability

Let's say I'd like to perform the following command: house.getFloor(0).getWall(WEST).getDoor().getDoorknob(); To avoid a NullPointerException, I'd have to do the following if: if (house != ...
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If nulls are evil, what should be used when a value can be meaningfully absent?

This is one of the rules that are beaing repeated over and over and that perplex me. Nulls are evil and should be avoided whenever possible. But, but - from my naivety, let me scream - sometimes a ...
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When should pointers be checked for NULL in C?

Summary: Should a function in C always check to make sure it is not dereferencing a NULL pointer? If not when is it appropriate to skip these checks? Details: I've been reading some books about ...
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Should we always write Defensive null check in code? [duplicate]

Are there any scenarios where we should not write defensive checks for null? Should we write defensive code or check for NULL every time we have passed a parameter or received a value back from a ...
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How can I explain the difference between NULL and zero?

Working on a problem that uses the percent change formula: percent change = 100 * [(new value - old value) / old value] How would I explain the difference if new value or old value = NULL, rather ...
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7 answers

How does throwing an ArgumentNullException help?

Let's say I have a method: public void DoSomething(ISomeInterface someObject) { if(someObject == null) throw new ArgumentNullException("someObject"); someObject.DoThisOrThat(); } I've been ...
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If null is bad, why do modern languages implement it? [closed]

I'm sure designers of languages like Java or C# knew issues related to existence of null references (see Are null references really a bad thing?). Also implementing an option type isn't really much ...
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SQL: empty string vs NULL value

I know this subject is a bit controversial and there are a lot of various articles/opinions floating around the internet. Unfortunatelly, most of them assume the person doesn't know what the ...
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How does a surname of Null cause problems in many databases?

I read an article on BBC. One of the examples they said was that people with surname 'Null' are having problems with entering their details in some websites. No explanation is given about the error ...
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If null is a billion dollar mistake, what is the solution to represent a non-initialized object?

This comes with a debate with my colleague that I'm using null as an object initial state. type Value = Node | null const [value, setValue] = React.useState<Value>(null) function test(v: Value) ...
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C# 8 non-nullable references and the Try pattern

There is a pattern in C# classes exemplified by Dictionary.TryGetValue and int.TryParse: a method that returns a boolean indicating success of an operation and an out parameter containing the actual ...
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What does it mean to do a "null check" in C or C++?

I have been learning C++ and I am having a hard time understanding null. In particular, the tutorials I have read mention doing a "null check", but I am not sure what that means or why it's necessary. ...
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Why are null references shunned while throwing exceptions is considered okay?

I don't quite understand the consistent bashing of null references by some programming language folks. What's so bad about them? If I request read access to a file that doesn't exist then I'm ...
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What is the difference between a pointer pointing to 0x0 location and a pointer set to NULL?

Is a pointer pointing to 0x0000 the same as a pointer set to NULL? If NULL value is defined in the C language, then what location does it physically translate to? Is it the same as 0x0000. Where can I ...
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Returning null or a empty value/throw exception? [duplicate]

Various programming books suggest that methods should not return null values (Clean Code for example). Instead of returning null default values (0 or empty string or empty object) should be returned ...
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Is "use "abc".equals(myString) instead of myString.equals("abc") to avoid null pointer exception" already problematic in terms of business logic?

I heard numerous times that when comparing Strings in Java, to avoid null pointer exception, we should use "abc".equals(myString) instead of myString.equals("abc"), but my question is, is this idea ...
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Return NULL in case of success

This question is a clearer version of a question I posted on SO. I have a C++ Planner object with a method that computes a Route from a start point to a destination point. Planner is the owner of the ...
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A very basic question about whether I should check for null and throw NPE? [duplicate]

Consider the below method- public void operationOnList(List<String> list) { list.add(1); } It is obvious that if list is null this method will throw a NullPointerException. My question is ...
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Purpose of Base Address?

What's the purpose of a base address in an executable? For example, in Microsoft Visual C++'s linker, you can set a base address, or use the default of 0x1000000. But with virtual memory, why would a ...
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Are there reasons to assign NULL instead of 0 to non-pointer variables?

Assigning variables with values during definition is a good practice. A common practice is to assign variables with 0 and pointers with NULL. int p = NULL; // instead of int p = 0; int *ptr ...
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Advice for bugfixing object oriented code: why is data not set?

When debugging object oriented (Java) code, sometimes some field of some object is null while it should not be. I often spend what I feel is way too much time trying to figure out where it should have ...
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Handling "unspecified" values in software

So I'm working on a software product where we have a number of fields that the customer can leave blank, some of which are numeric. To persist these in the database we use nullable columns. Easy peasy....
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When do the benefits of nullable value types outweigh the cost of null pointers?

The question is in the title. Here is the context: Some people think that the null pointer is a big mistake. Tony Hoare famously apologized for inventing it. Since version 2.0 C# has had nullable ...
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