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Null is the absence of a value. Null is typically used to indicate that a reference or pointer variable points to no object in memory.

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What programming language first used the 'Safe navigation operator' (?.)?

What programming language first used / invented the 'Safe navigation operator' (?.) ? Unfortunately, the Wikipedia page on this subject does not have information on it and googling yielded no readily ...
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Should all public API POCO value-type properties be nullables?

I use nullable value types a lot when designing classes that have properties which may remain null, i.e. when the object is being persisted. For example: public int? MyProperty { get; set; } My ...
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Checking for null pointers or allowing a math library to segfault?

I've been going through the GNU GSL design document and came across this interesting line in the Test suites section: N.B. Don't bother to test for null pointers -- it's sufficient for the library ...
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