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Source Control Design for Proprietary Logic which includes Obfuscation

Problem: There are proprietary algorithms that developers who are actively working on a project will need to call but they should not see the underlying logic. They need to be stored in an area of ...
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How to deliver a website to the customer VM (real server) with a trial period?

I have a website that was writing using .net stack technologies. It is accessible via the internet. Some of my potential (Enterprise) customers want me to install the whole website on their own VM and ...
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Library protection in C++

We have developed an algorithm that processes some data at runtime and is slight efficient in terms of time and computing compared with other solutions out there. Though we sure anyone can develop a ...
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License control for an on-premise application

TL;DR How do you build an airtight license control system for your onprem application, which revokes access once subscription ends? Premise I am building this application in Python that needs to ...
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Method to mask variable names in C++ files (cpp, h) and create an intermediate API?

I have a project which involves using C++ files along with an API on a local PC to communicate with a remote server app, and for sake of maintaining a semblance of non-disclosure with any hired ...
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Is using digital signatures and bytecode machines a viable technique to make reverse engineering hard? [duplicate]

If I have a private key with which I sign byte code, and a public key with which I can decipher the signed code to verify its authenticity, can I protect that byte code from being reverse engineered ...
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30 votes
8 answers

Should I spend time preventing piracy of my app? [duplicate]

The title says it all, the more I do research about piracy and the tools used to crack an app the more I think it is just wasted time. My biggest threat is that my app is being cracked and uploaded ...
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How can I encrypt or remove readability of source code before publishing it?

I am working on a collaborative project, for which I have to submit source code, which will be used/embedded in the main repository for re-compilation. Is there any way, I can encrypt the source code ...
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2 answers

Workflow for obfuscated PHP code with PHP protect

Let's say I have a database-driven web application written in PHP. After obfuscating the code with PHP protect it will be copied to a web hosting server. And here is the question. What is the ...
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Polymorphic engines in C and/or C++ [closed]

I stumbled across polymorphic engines and I don't know anything about them. However, I am curious about how they are written. Every example that I've looked up writes them in assembly, my assembly is ...
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What is the benefit of the 'free-to-deobfuscate' model over open-source?

Some applications (for example Minecraft) have the 'free-to-deobfuscate'-model. It means that you are free to make and distribute changes to the applications code, but you must decompile and ...
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2 answers

How do I implement code obfuscation for native code? [closed]

I'm interested in doing code obfuscation (native code, to make it clear what I mean by "native code": the actual machine code in x86/x64/arm executable files - PE, ELF, Macho and etc, not the sources) ...
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Does Jar file shrinker affect performance [closed]

I've heard ProGuard's Jar shrinker affects the performance of you application. Is this true? And if so just how much slower does the Jar go shrinked compared to unshrinked?
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3 answers

How is C/C++ more difficult to decompile than C#?

See top answer here: Obfuscation at source-code level more effective than obfuscators?, specifically "Code it in a language so not easy to decompile such as C/C++" I'm looking to write a new ...
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How to protect my php code running on a client server?

I'd like to ask how to protect my code that is running on a client server from being altered and/or copied. It's running on Ubuntu Server with the standard Apache Php Mysql stack. Any software needed ...
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4 answers

Is it important to obfuscate C++ application code?

In the Java world, sometimes it seems to be a problem, but what about C++? Are there different solutions? I was thinking about the fact that someone can replace the C++ library of a specific OS with a ...
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Protecting proprietary code linking with LGPL v3 code

I've been warned that LGPL v3 forbids any kind of modifications that would prevent reverse-engineering, including software protection such as obfuscation. In practice, does this license make it ...
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Is code pruning related to obfuscation?

From my research, many obfuscation/optimization packages include a feature called pruning where the software will remove dead code during processing. The following packages include both obfuscation ...
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8 votes
3 answers

How do I encrypt the source code on the webserver?

I have a web application developed using Python, HTML, CSS & JavaScript. The customer installs it in any of their own Machine and uses it through their LAN. In short the customer sets up the ...
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The case for code obfuscation?

What are the top reasons to write obfuscated code, in terms of a real benefit to the people developing the code, and the business that runs that code (if the code in question is in fact commericial ...
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Fellow programmer used worst programming practices

I know it seems odd to say, but a fellow programmer at work deliberately used a couple of bad programming practices on purpose! I'll explain. First let me say that he's an intelligent guy and for ...
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3 answers

Must source code released under GPL be human-readable?

In a response to another question, a poster suggested that under the GPL: need to provide the human readable [code], not a whitespace stripped version... Readability would seem to me to be ...
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13 answers

Decompilers - Myth or Fact?

Lately I have been thinking of application security and binaries and decompilers. (FYI- Decompilers is just an anti-complier, the purpose is to get the source back from the binary) Is there such ...
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Entire webpage obfuscation

I want to obfuscate all the webpages of my website. I Googled through some free tools like HTML and Javascript obfuscation but don't know how effective they are. First of all, does it makes sense to ...
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Open Source PHP Encoder [closed]

Are there some recomendations on Open Source or Free PHP Encoder systems? Is something available?
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3 answers

Cross border data obfuscation and how to deal with it?

I am currently facing a situation where I will need to obfuscate data for legal reasons (these are countrywide rules and not specific to me) I will still need to work with teams outside this area who ...
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12 votes
2 answers

What are the advantages of obfuscating release code?

The specific example I have in mind involves the currently-alpha game Minecraft, but this is a general question that I think warrants some conversation. Minecraft is written in Java, and stack traces ...
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