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1 answer

Onshore / Offshore (Team and Testing)

Can anyone describe to me what Onshore / Offshore team is and what Onshore / Offshore testing is? Because i am studying this article and I can't find anywhere the specific meanings about the above ...
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Managing p/t consultants like Open Source contributors?

I just assumed tech lead for a project which has had a problem with its very part-time (maybe 2-5 hours / week) contractors: submitting code that brings down the production app, pull requests that ...
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27 votes
5 answers

Design in one team, coding in another

I will be involved in a project where all the software design is made by a local team and these designs are sent to an offshore team for coding. This is the first time I face a project with this ...
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Can an internally developed fast evolving, agile, short sprint web application lend itself to offshoring?

I have recently been set a target to achieve readiness to successfully manage and deliver results through the usage of offshore teams on our mainline development project within 12 months. Our ...
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9 votes
4 answers

How important is knowing functionality before coding?

I work for a software development company where the development work has been off shored to us. The on shore team handle the support and talk directly to the clients. We never talk to the clients ...
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2 votes
2 answers

PCI Compliance with Offshore Development

I run an offshore development team that produces a host of financial products. We are currently planning the work needed in order to gain PCI compliance. The offshore team is run by an outsourcing ...
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12 votes
12 answers

Off-shore bug fixing

If a prospective employer told you they "outsourced bug fixing because developers hate fixing bugs", What would you think? What might be your concerns?
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2 votes
3 answers

What are your experiences with off-shore or outsourced testing?

Has anyone had experience with out-sourced testing? Is it worth the fairly high premium you have to pay? Can you simply hire some off-shore 'mechanical turks' (who offer the same services, but a lot ...
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7 votes
4 answers

After an outsourced/offshored application is "completed", who will do the maintenance?

What is the typical arrangement for the maintenance of applications that are not developed in-house? Note: by maintenance, I mean bug fixes, optimizations, small modifications and future extensions.
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