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Questions tagged [ontology]

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RDF model for an RDB link table with attribute

How is an attribute of an RDB link table modeled in RDF? For example, consider RDB tables for Student and Course and a link table (many-to-many) 'Enrollment' that has two foreign keys StudentID and ...
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Ontology + Relational bases or only ontology to store data in a web app?

I am trying to conceive a wine cellar application for my father and for fun on my free time. I've decided to make a simple MVC with Pixi.js / JQuery and Bootstrap served by Express for the front and a ...
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Understanding Headless CMS architecture from an engineering (rather than a user) perspective

TLDR: In a Headless CMS (or a Decoupled CMS), the content retrieved by the front-end needs to be identifiable (somehow). This is where I'm stuck. I can describe my guesses of how platform-agnostic ...
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Inefficient Pseudocode

I have problems to write my first simple pseudocode. The input of the algorithm is an ontology which contains axioms and an inference set, exactly an inference is defined as an object with set of ...
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2 answers

Domain Model Representation - Formal ontology vs code

Disclaimer: I have limited experience building domain models, this is purely asked out of interest to those who do I have recently stumbled upon the concept of representing data models with ...
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How are RDF and RDFS related?

I've been reading about Semantic Web technologies such as RDF/RDFS and "ontology", but was wondering how each of these are related? At the moment the terms all seem interchangeable, or I'm not ...
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RDF and OWL: Have these delivered the promises of the Semantic Web?

These days I've been learning a lot about how different scientific fields are trying to move their data over to the Semantic Web in order to "free up data from being stored in isolated silos". I read ...
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