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The question is about the OpenAPI / Swagger specification.

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How to Handle Undocumented Fields in OpenAPI Schema?

I'm working with an API that uses OpenAPI for its schema documentation. However, there are certain fields in the request body that shouldn't be visible to all consumers, for example, internalProperty: ...
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Handling OpenAPI Generated code in a Project's repository

In my company, we are would like to recommend OpenAPI and using the design first approach to API development. We would also like to use the OpenAPI Generator to generated server stubs and DTOs from ...
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How to keep OpenAPI specification up-to-date and compliant without using code generators?

In our company, there is no standard for how to document APIs. Missing API documentation slows down the development process. Therefore, we want to introduce OpenAPI. We want to use code generators to ...
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Is it OK to return different DTOs for the same endpoint when the user is logged in vs when it is anonymous?

Say that I have a REST endpoint for a chess server. If I'm not logged in and do a GET on /games I could get all running games like: { running_games: [ ..... ] } but if I'm logged in I ...
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Share models between AsyncAPI and RESTful APIs?

What I try to solve: Given I run a set of microservices, most of which expose a RESTful API and additionally publish or consume events via messaging broker, and I have decided to go "API first&...
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Semantic Versioning in OpenAPI with string "enum": new values OK?

My team is preparing to add new capabilities to an OpenAPI contract and our implementation of it. There are pre-existing clients. We are planning to take our API from v1.1 to v1.2 while fully ...
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