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2 votes
5 answers

How should production support be handled in Agile/Scrum?

Summary: In an organization that wants to use an agile/Scrum software development process, but that also has a large production support / operations burden with an expectation for quick response times,...
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1 answer

UML - Changing the visibility of operations when overriding them

I am trying to find out if it is allowed in the UML to change the visibility (access modifier) of an operation when overriding it. For example, in Java it is possible to increase the visibility of an ...
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3 answers

How do I encourage ops to participate in a devops team?

I work in a traditional software development environment. A team of developers work on a product in 2-4 week Sprints and then hand the results over to an operations team to be deployed and managed. ...
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Should an online platform be relied on to store mission critical files?

Context: With my team I created an "online platform" for a client which moved their operation from a paper based system to a content management system (CMS) based submission system on a Virturl ...
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6 answers

Why do we have to wait for I/O?

It's always been known that Disk operations are slow and we know the reasons why they are slow. So the question here is why do we have to wait for I/O or why is there such a thing as IOWait, etc.? I ...
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Python packages from an operations perspective

As a developer I am used to keep my Python tools updated. Especially packages needed for installing and bundling. Using the most recent releases of pip, virtualenv and setuptools is in my personal ...
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