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Questions tagged [operators]

Regarding programming languages, operators are constructs which behave generally like functions, but which differ syntactically or semantically from usual functions. From Wikipedia:

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93 votes
7 answers

Short circuit evaluation, is it bad practice?

Something that I've known for a while but never considered is that in most languages it is possible to give priority to operators in an if statement based on their order. I often use this as a way to ...
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89 votes
25 answers

Ternary operator considered harmful? [closed]

For example, would you prefer this one-liner int median(int a, int b, int c) { return (a<b) ? (b<c) ? b : (a<c) ? c : a : (a<c) ? a : (b<c) ? c : b; } or an if/else solution ...
20 votes
15 answers

What are bit operators good for? [closed]

Programming languages often come with various bit operators (e.g. bitwise left- and right shift, bitwise AND, OR, XOR...). These don't get used though very much, or at least such has my experience ...
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73 votes
2 answers

Why do bitwise operators have lower priority than comparisons?

Could someone explain the rationale, why in a bunch of most popular languages (see note below) comparison operators (==, !=, <, >, <=, >=) have higher priority than bitwise operators (&, |, ^...
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50 votes
9 answers

Why didn't == operator string value comparison make it to Java?

Every competent Java programmer knows that you need to use String.equals() to compare a string, rather than == because == checks for reference equality. When I'm dealing with strings, most of the ...
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27 votes
9 answers

What is the benefit of having the assignment operator return a value?

I'm developing a language which I intend to replace both Javascript and PHP. (I can't see any problem with this. It's not like either of these languages have a large install base.) One of the things ...
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3 votes
3 answers

Specifics of Switch and If statements

Why do we need the switch statement if there is the if statement? Why can't we use several ifs like if(a==1) do this1; if(a==2) do this2; ... instead of switch (a) { case(1): {do ...
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13 votes
3 answers

How useful are infix operators in a programming language?

How useful are infix operators in a programming language? Are they worth the extra complexity they provide? Can you provide any examples where infix operators are better suited to the problem that can'...
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12 votes
11 answers

Examples of operator overloading, which make sense [closed]

While I learning C#, I found that, the C# supports operator overloading. I have problem with good example which: Make sense (ex. adding class named sheep and cow) Is not an example of concatenation ...
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5 votes
4 answers

Lexing: One token per operator, or one universal operator token?

When lexing, what would be the best way to tokenize operators? Would one just create a BinaryOperator token, or a separate token for every single binary operator? Examples: PlusOperator, MinusOperator,...
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