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Questions tagged [osgi]

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Approach to build a modularity Java (Web) Application

I'm on the way to build a modular Java web project with some pluggable modules - like Jira and Confluence for example. My first thought was to build a project with Spring and OSGi, I started finding a ...
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Plugin framework for extensible software

I need to make a web app which provides the feature to install/uninstall plugins. Think of something like Eclipse IDE like software. The only difference is you cannot restart it like Eclipse to apply ...
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Inheritance vs Injection with Template-ish pattern and planned contributors

I'm trying to develop an OSGi application to handle my game engine. This game engine will be making use of the Entity-Component-System pattern. Part of this pattern is the use of GameSystems. I had ...
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Should service providers provide thread pools in OSGi?

I'm working on a game framework and have decided to use OSGi to bind it all together, as modularity is core to the game itself. I want the game to be run as an all-in-one bundle on someone's machine, ...
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Maintainable methods for taking a standard plugin and repackaging one, slightly modified, small piece of it into a custom plugin

A little background on the system I’m dealing with: analytics platform --comprised of--> OSGi plugins --comprised of--> Java package(s) --containing--> unit(s) of functionality each with independent ...
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Confusion about instance in an interface

I'm trying to learn OGSi framework (Equinox distribution). I have registered my service, but I'm confused about a piece of code that I've copied: IAgendaService service = new AgendaService(); What ...
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Hot swap/plug components in clojure?

I'm using OSGi for some time and I really like the ability to swap/replace components while my application is running. I simply have to build my module and push it to the OSGi container. Is there a ...
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