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Questions tagged [pci]

Payment Card Industry, dealing with the mandated security for passing around or storing credit and debit card information.

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Implementing and storing virtual user credits on an e-commerce website

On my e-store I wish to allow customers to buy store credit, which could later be used to purchase items from the store. The vision is that the customer would send some actual money to my account via ...
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How does the Base Address Registers (BARs) in a PCI card work?

I am trying to understand how the Base Address Registers (BARs) in a PCI card work, this is how I think they work: Each function in a PCI card have 6 BAR fields, and each BAR field is 32-bit in size. ...
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Does the PCI bus only consists of the devices in the PCI slots? [closed]

I am learning about the PCI bus, and there is something that I am not sure of. A motherboard have some PCI slots to put the PCI cards in: Now when we say that we have a PCI bus, do we mean that the ...
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Are hashed bank account numbers PCI data?

Background: I work for an NPO which receives large numbers of paper check donations every week. The current process of recording the donations is tedious and done mostly on paper. Because most ...
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Does Semantic Versioning allow 4 components in version numbers?

All examples of semantic versioning I've seen show 3 components in use. No more than 2 period characters. At $DAYJOB, we use 4 components in our release numbers: Does Semantic Versioning ...
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Is using external repositories PCI-DSS compliant

We are considering using BitBucket rather than hosting our Git repositories internally. Does anyone know if this breaks any rules of PCI compliance? I haven't been able to find much information on ...
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PCI Compliance, FDMS and TransArmor [closed]

So, I've been tasked to work on an integration project where we will ask customers for credit card information and send it over to our integration partners, who will process the payment/cc info and ...
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PCI Compliance with Offshore Development

I run an offshore development team that produces a host of financial products. We are currently planning the work needed in order to gain PCI compliance. The offshore team is run by an outsourcing ...
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