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Handling account roles in Android app

I'm building an Android app where different "types" of users can log in - lets say User and Admin are the two roles (there could be more than two). User can access some views in the app, by pressing ...
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Authorization, permissions, and scoping resources in a microservice/DDD architecture

I'm building a microservice-based application (services according to DDD) and am about to implement authorization service. There are API gateways and UI applications that access backend servers, and ...
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How do large scale permission systems work with membership expansion?

Let's say you have a permission system with which you can specify things like: user U is a member of group A, which is a subgroup of group B, which is a subgroup of group C, and all members of group C ...
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Better dynamic user permissions

I support an Internal ERP system and an external Reporting/Dashboard that our customers use that both use the same database. Internal normal application users can control what customers can access ...
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Handling permissions in a MVP application

In a windows forms payroll application employing MVP pattern (for a small scale client) I'm planing user permission handling as follows (permission based) as basically its implementation should be ...
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Design for generating/filling a document based on a template-file, while considering permissions from a database?

You have the backend for a web application. I'd like to keep this is as disconnected from specific programming lanuages as possible, but if necessary, assume we're talking about PHP. You need to write ...
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Fine-grained access control to folders in S3 buckets with AWS Cognito

I have a private S3 Bucket that contains a lot of folders (currently 1000 folders). The amount of folders changes (new ones are added, old ones deleted). Every customer has to register and log in to ...
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Cascading ACL to embedded objects

We have an object Root, which references many other objects. Which eventually is translated into FKs on the DB level. We came up with an ACL scheme where there's a separate permissions table with the ...
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Is tagging an acceptable way to circumstantially add or remove user permissions in a role-based system?

Background Our users can have a single role per account (internally an IAM domain), but may have roles across multiple accounts. Each role is defined as a list of permissible actions. Problem In ...
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Should a new access control mechanism use a precedence-based or an order-based permission system?

Let's say I have users, groups (or "roles") and resources, and I want to manage various permissions on those resources. As far as I can see, there are two main "philosophies" when it comes to ...
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Pros and cons of setting super admin in users table

I'm structuring a RBAC in a Web system. My database tables looks like: actions id name resources id name permissions id action_id resource_id roles id name permission_role permission_id ...
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Who should be reliable for permissions check in a web app?

I am working on a project where you have controllers that expose an API and services that implement some logic. In this project, each service* checks for the user's permissions to use the service. ...
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Permission Management Algorithm

I have 3 levels of permission to see the product: Brand -> Allow/Deny Category -> Allow/Deny Product -> Allow/Deny For example, product A has: Category: Allow Product: Deny => product A cannot be ...
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Should I prepopulate resources and permissions in my system?

I am following the rbac model in my system. I want to know if I should prepopulate the resources and permissions table? I have resources like contracts, contract_drafts, SLA (service level agreement)...
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