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Should gravity sources pull objects or objects pull themselves to gravity?

I'm doing a project in unity where I turn off the general gravity and implement it myself. What I'm trying to acheive is to have GameObjects be affected by several gravity sources on every tick. I got ...
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How to visualize the design of a physics engine?

I'm making a physics engine and its becoming quite hard to keep track of the whole thing. Often when I get back to my code after a break I just don't remember why that's not working. Most of the ...
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I loved developing a 2D game(C++ SDL), but i am not good at maths/physics [closed]

I developed 2 games in C++ using SDL. Without using any wrappers. I literally loved and enjoyed every part of the journey. Complex algorithms, how 2D works, rendering, audio, input etc. But i am not ...
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Will quantum computers be able to easily crack passwords?

I've recently read a number of (layman's) articles on quantum mechanics and quantum computing, and keep seeing examples along the lines of "Quantum computing can crack passwords quickly by trying all ...
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How would I identify a gap in a set of curve data, and get its value?

I have a set of 2-D data (x,y) and it produces a set of curves, and sometimes the set of curves do not overlap, and there is a distinct separation between the groups of curves, how would I identify ...
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Changing coordinate systems in python

I am working on a visual python program that is meant to model the orbit of an electron around the core of a Hydrogen atom. In order to avoid the singularity at r = 0 in the equation for coulomb ...
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System for deducting velocity against sources pf gravity

Say I have a particle-based physics engine (which I do) that uses lots of particles with a x and y coordinate and velocity. These particles can also have a mass, which means that these particles (with ...
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Convert x and y velocity to x and y velocity relative to another point

The question I asked probably isn't very clear, so I'll explain. If I have an x and y velocity, where the y goes towards the bottom of the screen, and the x goes towards the right of the screen, how ...
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How to define the motion path of one object on a surface of the other one?

I have an uncommon problem. There are 2 3D objects, which are represented by arrays of vertices and triangles (.stl files). Each of them contains a big enough amount of vertices: 1-10 mln ones. The ...
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Physics Engine with Fixed-Point Positions [closed]

Fixed-point object locations allow for worlds which are much more scale-able. Using a 64-bit integer (per dimension), and 0.1 millimeter precision, a world can be created which is 100% numerically ...
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Teaching myself, as a physicist, to become a better programmer [closed]

I've always liked physics, and I've always liked coding, so when I got the offer for a PhD position doing numerical physics (details are not relevant, it's mostly parallel programming for a cluster) ...
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Help me understand this "mindmap / constellation" visual pattern

Please help me identify and understand this visual pattern, what's the common name used for such mindmap / constellation visualisations? http://...
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confusion between these two networking terms: transmission rate vs. propagation speed [closed]

I read this in TCP/IP PROTOCOL SUITE second edition, written by Behrouz A. Forouzan and Sophia Chung Fegan. In traditional Ethernet, the minimum frame length is 520 bits, the transmission rate is ...
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Idea for a physics–computer science joint curriculum and textbook [closed]

I want to write (and have starting outlining) a physics textbook which assumes its reader is a competent computer programmer. Normal physics textbooks teach physical formulas and give problems that ...
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Is video game programming usually physics related?

I know this is obviously not true for some games, minesweeper, card games, etc. But what about any game involving simulating the real world environment. Obviously these games have some form of a ...
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