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What individual needs to be aware when signing a NDA with client? [closed]

I am very new to IT industry and have no prior experience. However I came into contact with a party who is gear to build a mobile application. But, they want me to sign NDA (No Disclosure Agreement). ...
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API design pitfalls in C [closed]

What are some flaws that drive you nuts in C APIs (including standard libraries, third party libraries, and headers inside of a project) ? The goal is to identify API design pitfalls in C, so people ...
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Pitfalls in the Grails Framework [closed]

What are some of the biggest issues/pitfalls with using the Grails framework? I'm learning the framework now, and I really like it, but I need to know what major issues I may encounter when using it ...
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Pitfalls of using MySQL as your database choice? [closed]

I've read online on multiple occassions that MySQL is a bad database. The places I've read this include some threads on Reddit, but they never seem to delve in on why it's a poor product. Is there ...
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Switch from C# to Java, which "gotchas" I should care?

I may have to switch to Java for new project. I have very little knowledge about Java, because I've mainly studied and used C#, and I'm afraid of the differences between these two language/platform ...