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Storing, indexing and searching data using Azure with frequently updated fields. Multiple Sources

We have a multi-vendor marketplace (e-Commerce) system and plan to move our data structures into a polyglot architecture to improve the performance of reads (critical) and writes (not as critical). ...
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How hard should I try to write idiomatic code in a polyglot environment?

I work on a small team (2 primaries with one or two other occasional contributors) on a project/product that spans a number of separate platforms. We do embedded firmware in straight C on Arm0 chips. ...
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How do I approach polyglot plugins for asynchrous python applications?

I've been looking at ways to let my app's users write plugins for it. However, to give them more options, I decided to implement a polyglot plugin system. From the engineering perspective there are ...
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Which approach for integrating Python code into a mainly Scala application did you use a second time because it was successful? [closed]

I have a mainly Scala application and I am interested in approaches to integrating Python code into this application in a way that is proven by you personally to be successful. In this context ...
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Approach for polyglot logging

I'm building a desktop app with a Java front-end and very performance critical Fortran libraries. We've recently started pushing more of our code out of Java and into Fortran (see below) Soon we will ...
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Polyglot Node.js with Typesafe Akka for Actor Model

I have a case that needs to manipulate a large stream of JSON and inject it into Apache HBase. Our system works on Node.js with Mongo then, since we need to enhance performance, so HBase is choosen to ...
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How does Polyglot Persistence handle relational data?

I have recently been studying up on microservices, and an associated idea that I've seen is that of polyglot persistence and microservices working with their own databases, or whatever storage they ...
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How to organize large polyglot projects?

One of my projects started as PHP but recently some of the new functionality has been written in JavaScript on Node.js platform. How do big polyglot projects that use multiple languages to write ...
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Combining Ruby and C++

I've been discussing a conceptual project with a friend of mine and the the most effective way we've seen of doing it is writing the engine in C++ while the logic would be done in Ruby. However, we ...
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one programmer, many languages -- the name dilemma

When you work across multiple programming languages, there is a problem you encounter... A valid name (identifier) in one language is invalid in another. For example... var new function this are a ...
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Where is the golden mean between language monoculture and polyculture? [closed]

My company has been using Java (as a language and a platform) for many years. We have lots of products varying greatly in size, purpose and complexity. Whatever the requirements, the answer is always ...
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