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Questions tagged [powershell]

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1 answer

Best practice to avoid unintentional side-effects in powershell-scripts

I recently wrote a small PowerShell script to clean a Visual Studio solution. It's used by a small team of 5 persons on a regular basis. I built it in PowershellISE (GUI client) and it works great, ...
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What are the best practices to design a "verbose" mode in command line scripts?

To improve my command lines scripts, I want to add some optional console output, mainly for logging purposes. In my PowerShell modules, I use Write-Verbose for this (but it should be clear this isn't ...
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Refactoring powershell codebase to support multiple environments

I come from a Java background, but now I'm supporting a PowerShell code base. In the PowerShell code base there are multiple modules that were written against a certain Azure environment. Now, we ...
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Enum versus ValidateSet

Currently, in my PowerShell scripts I am using [ValidateSet()] in my functions in order to limit the options for user input. Now I discovered the Enum as an alternative. I have read a couple of blogs ...
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PowerShell performance when running Excel macros

I run on a daily basis a set of VBA-rich Excel files. Most of them include MS Office application cross-talk, but also employ third-party applications and MySQL. Due to the fact of running those files ...
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2 answers

Should powershell be used to develop a whole application?

We are automating the testing on an Web ERP solution (Dynamics) through a tool (RSAT, which uses selenium) provided by the developer of the ERP (Microsoft). The RSAT has a list of instructions to do ...
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1 answer

How to convert a powershell script to opensource `.exe`?

To make an installation of opensource software for the Windows platform single click, I am trying to convert the setup.ps1 into a setup.exe file. (To make a powershell script executable in a single (...
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2 votes
1 answer

Custom object formatting caveats as to not confuse end users

Default display of objects in the Windows PowerShell console In PowerShell you have format.ps1xml documents. These are used to simplify what and how object data is shown to the end user. A simple ...
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Typical Practice for external application config

I have a C# cmdlet(1) that uses "ConfigurationManager.AppSettings" to get database connection strings necessary for some stored procedures used in the cmdlet(1). If another application instantiates an ...
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7 votes
2 answers

Correct way to initialize variables in PowerShell

Is there a preferred practice around initialising variables which are first defined within a branch of code, or is this purely subjective / personal preference? i.e. there are multiple ways this can ...
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1 vote
0 answers

Continous integration of only MyCompanies nuget packages

I am trying to do a nightly package integration with one of our projects that consumes 6 other internal teams’ -PreRelease packages. Background Info We have our own internal ProGet Server that ...
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1 answer

How to license (PowerShell) GUI Projects [duplicate]

After almost 2 years learning how to code (in Powershell) and some help at Stackoverflow from time to time, I'm now finally on my way to release my first GUI project. I intend to release the compiled ...
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1 answer

Should Write-Debug statements be left in production PowerShell code?

This is one of my functions I have in a module: Function Get-DatabaseUser { [CmdletBinding()] Param() Write-Verbose 'Getting database...' $Database = Get-Database Write-Debug('...
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Unix way of filtering/mapping/mapcatting records via the pipeline?

At home I use Linux and have for more than a decade. At work we use Windows and so I find PowerShell more familiar. I am a Linux/Unix fanboy at heart, but I've had greater success grokking the ...
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5 votes
1 answer

How is Pash licensed?

Pash is an open source reimplementation of Windows PowerShell. It was released in 2008, and has been idle since then. I would like to take up the mantle. It's not clear what the license is. There is ...
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Multiple files in powershell [closed]

How to using multiple files in Powershell to ensure modularity? function.ps1 could have all the utility functions? command1.ps1 could have calls related to a command?
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20 votes
4 answers

Are there well-known PowerShell coding conventions?

Are there any well-defined conventions when programming in PowerShell? For example, in scripts which are to be maintained long-term, do we need to: Use the real cmdlet name or alias? Specify the ...
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