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6 votes
2 answers

Postfix vs Prefix

I have read at a few places, that Postfix is easier to evaluate & easier to convert to Code than Prefix. I understand that if you parse a prefix expression from left to right, you might not be ...
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2 answers

why use postfix /prefix expression instead of infix?

I understand how to convert infix to postfix/prefix but I do not understand why postfix or prefix expression are used in computer system? What is the advantage of postfix prefix over infix expression?...
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6 votes
2 answers

Project based prefix for class names [closed]

My project leader uses project based prefixes for class names, lets say projects name ABC, he create User class name as ABCUser. and he says he do this becasuse if he wants to make User.aspx Users get ...
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User interfaces for C function completion

In method call syntax in many object-oriented languages, the receiver object goes to the left of the method name, e.g. someObject.someMethod(). This comes in handy when using an IDE with code ...
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4 votes
3 answers

When should I prefix names with the project name? [closed]

If you work with SharePoint, you'll see classes like SPList, SPSite etc. I've seen variations of this on other projects, in other technologies, e.g. for a CRM project, classes named CRMLoggingFactory,...
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5 answers

Wrapping my mind around prefix notation?

I'm reading about LISP. I understand how prefix notation works at a certain level, but I was wondering if there are any tricks to making it intuitive.
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3 votes
8 answers

Are there real world applications where the use of prefix versus postfix operators matters?

In college it is taught how you can do math problems which use the ++ or -- operators on some variable referenced in the equation such that the result of the equation would yield different results if ...
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