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How to best present alternative ways to write a piece of code (in a slideshow)?

I'm working on a 'slideshow'-type presentation (e.g. using LO Impress) which involves me showing people different alternatives for writing some pieces of software code. We're not talking about large ...
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Does Presentation Logic constrain design of Business layer?

We have an email plugin which encrypts a mail's attachments when the user sends an email and gives the mail's recipients permissions to decrypt the attachments. The recipient permissions are stored on ...
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is the logic defining how the data should be converted in different formats, presentation or business logic?

In a calendar app adopting a MVC architecture, the Model consists of objects representing the days of the week. The View consists of labels displaying the days as strings or integers, depending on ...
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What strategy to better articulate myself when summarising technical details

I am required to speak at daily stand ups, change review and architect reference group meetings. I usually find that I speak too quickly, include too much or not enough details, or go back and forth ...
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Showing custom data in presentation layer

I have couple of models Merchant and Offer. A merchant can have multiple offers. I am developing a web application and writing a custom component which show offer details like title, description etc. ...
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Putting together a business case for moving to git from TFS? [closed]

I'm probably going to be giving a presentation to my company (mainly management, but also senior developers) on the benefits of moving to Git from a centralized TFS setup. I know that I massively ...
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What is "presentation logic" and how much is acceptable in views?

In my web application I have to provide a form for creating and editing. The forms for creating and for editing have minor differences, so I am thinking of doing something like this in my view: <...
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Is it possible to make a printable 'template' document?

I'm writing a piece of software to generate and print nametags. The issue I'm having is that nametags need to be formatted the same, but have different values (ie. different names, titles), and can be ...
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3 answers

Building presentation layer directly on data layer

My application is currently quite a mess and I'm trying to untangle it all. My current idea is that I should have 3 separate layers: data layer that knows how to keep stuff in database (and handle ...
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Separation of presentation and logic

I'm now writing a program, which will allow processing data expressed in the form of graphs. These graphs will determine workflow of the processing and they are actually an essence of this program (in ...
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Simple questions to test understanding of Dependency Inversion Principle

I am preparing a short (1-2 hour) presentation about DIP to several (~5) junior developers (1-3 yr xp) in the office. At the end of the presentation I want to know whether they understood what I was ...
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1 answer

Is the separation of program logic and presentation layer going too far?

In a Drupal programming guide, I noticed this sentence: The theme hook receives the total number of votes and the number of votes for just that item, but the template wants to display a percentage. ...
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Do you think we will ever settle on a "standard" platform? [closed]

The recent explosion of phone platforms has depressed me (slightly), and made me wonder if we will ever reach any kind of standard for presentation? I don't mean language or IDE. Different ...
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8 answers

Should PHP view files be called something other than '.php'?

By default, any file that PHP touches is usually suffixed with .php. It's universally understood by Apache / Nginx as the default for PHP files and most setups expect PHP files to end in this ...
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How to explain the history of programming to non-programmers? [closed]

Sorry if this question is not appropriate for this stack exchange site, I've never used this one before. I am doing my senior project on computer programming. I'm going to be presenting the project ...
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2 answers

How to draw a (UML) class diagram when the classes are dispersed across a distributed system?

Basically how to denote that class foo is from a different server than class bar ?
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1 answer

How to describe framework/features of a java application for client presentation?

I have been asked to put down the architecture and features of our Java application (more from infrastructure/software point of view). It will go on a Powerpoint presentation, so I need to provide the ...
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Videos on Unit Testing [closed]

I've been searching for good presentations (slides+audio or video preferred) on Unit Testing but all I seem to find are books and blog posts. The presentation should not be longer than 50 minutes ...
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24 votes
10 answers

How can I give a good presentation to important, non-technical stakeholders?

At the end of the month, I have to give a presentation on a software project that I've been working on by myself that will basically decide whether or not I will get a full-time job at the company I'm ...
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Best way to present a small application

I'm giving a presentation on a small Timeline Application I made over the past few weeks. How might I make this small application into a much larger speech, about 3 minutes long. Should I focus on ...
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4 answers

What is a clean Agile (Scrum) Sprint Presentation?

Suppose someone of your development team is presenting a sprint to the customer but he is having web connection problems such that a complete story cannot be presented. For the sake of the cleanness ...
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Which websites to use for presenting free open source applications?

After releasing a new free open source application, I would like to present it to as many people as possible. What are web sites (directories) which one should use to present free open source ...
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8 answers

How do you make slides for programming talks? [closed]

I've given a few talks recently and I have not found a good way to make slides. Here are a few desirable characteristics for programming slides: They're slides. A standard emacs buffer won't do it. ...
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9 votes
6 answers

Giving a presentation on "code style and design patterns" [closed]

My company (small, about 40 people across 3 offices) occasionally does "developer workshops" online where one of the devs hosts a presentation about some tech topic. It's not necessarily about our ...
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How to motivate team for knowledge sharing sessions

I work in a team with wide range of expertise and experience. I have been trying to introduce weekly knowledge sharing sessions. Sessions of 30-60 min length where everybody gets a chance to present ...
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How to get out of supporting deadend sales pitches?

As part of being a programmer, you often are asked to provide estimates/ make slideware / do technical demos for Sales teams to present to end-clients. Sometimes we go along for the 'technical' ...
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