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Managing all stages of the product life-cycle

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Release Management best practice for cross-functional teams

I want to know about best practices for release management of a product-technical team with about 7 cross-functional teams included. We changed our team structure to something like Spotify Squads ...
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How to manage database changes and sync data with multiple api versions

We're working with ASP.NET Core web API and looking for a couple of doubts that we have. The versioning documentation recommended creating multiple controllers: Contoso └ Api ├─ v1 │ └ ...
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Separation of responsibilities in different project areas

When I'm saying "area" I usually mean some relatively large unit or service, which is a part of a whole product, i.e. API service, location service, warehouse service, etc. Context: a project with 20+...
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Should a Product Owner (PO) be part of the Engineering team or Product team? [closed]

Our start-up is currently build this way: Engineering Team which contains the following resources: Director of Engineering Mobile, front-end and back-end developers Quality Assurance Infrastructure ...
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How to handle a complete UI redesign of a web product? [closed]

Sorry for the codeless post, but I am wondering how to handle a complete UI redesign for a big web product? Maybe somebody have experience and could actually determine the steps on how you would do ...
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Selecting the (right?) application design [closed]

While working to build software products for early stage startups, I have seen two very common schools of thought that define an approach to application design. Those 2 paradigms typically include ...
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How does rapid prototyping fit into an agile methodology?

I work for a large company, which dictates the use of agile processes. For example, for our projects, we use cloud-based services that are specifically targeted at managing agile development. The ...
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Increase speed of a Application to SQL server 2008 and Hamachi VPN [closed]

Our current Information System (complete with path for pictures for records stored in db) has the following specifications: A desktop application was developed in We use SQL server 2008 r2 as ...
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How to manage single software product to multiple customers?

We have developed one product for payroll processing. We have 10+ customers who are using this software product. Our existing and new customers are giving us customization changes w.r.t. their needs, ...
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3 answers

How to implement Scrum in a company with three similar web-based products

I am somewhat familiar with the concepts and benefits of Scrum. With that in mind, I am trying to improve the failing Scrum product management structure of a company I'm now working for that has three ...
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Evaluating a product owner [closed]

How do you evaluate a product owner? More specifically, how would one conduct a performance review of a product owner? What qualities or characteristics would one look at when reviewing a product ...
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Tips/tricks to manage a new team with new code [closed]

How do you handle yourself in a new team where you are the senior most developer and most others in the team are junior to you by several years. The task ahead of the team is something nobody else ...
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What is the best way to handle product versioning and branching of long term projects?

In a general sense, for long term projects that may have multiple releases during the products life cycle and require support of previous products, what is the best way to handle product versions and ...
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How to : Nextag and such other dynamic data pulling website

Yesterday, I came across Nextag which is a website for comparing prices of various products from different retailers. Is this site automated? Can the process of data pulling from various sites can ...
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Orthogonal design for product pricing and production planning with a NoSQL database [closed]

I am in the process of developing extensible software for the company I am working with for product pricing and production planning. The Present Scenario There are basically two types of products: ...
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How Do You Pull Something from a Release?

Let's say your team is working on 10 features/fixes for a sprint. At the end of the sprint, there are one or two things that the product owner does not accept. But, they would really like the other 8 ...
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2 answers

How do I write a software product definition?

I would like to learn how to write a software product definition. Therefore I am looking for online materials or books which would help me to learn more about this topic. I would like to learn, for ...
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What is the difference between an engineer and a product manager?

It seems nowadays all the develop teams have both software engineers and product manager. I am a newbie to the software industry and I wonder what is the difference? Is it necessary for a Product ...
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How to move ahead in Project/Product Management after 3 yrs of Programming Experience? [closed]

For being a better programmer there are ways to get started like: Get some open source project and start contributing to it. Solve some Project Euler or Yodacode Excercise. But if someone wants to ...
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How to get out of the support rut and start repaying the technical debt!

I have a "friend". Yes good start I know but honestly this isn't me! Basically he's been working on a successful project for about 4 years now, the difficulty is the technical debt has caught up and ...
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What mistakes in managing software products must be avoided to keep people from hating the vendor?

A previous question about why people hate Microsoft was closed. This is an attempt at a somewhat more constructive question along the same general line. This one is both broader and narrower though. ...
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