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Why is Java version 1.X referred to as Java X?

I saw that Java 1.2 is also known as Java 2. Do "Java 1.x" and "Java x" (for example "Java 1.6" and "Java 6") refer to the same version of Java? And if yes, why the need for this duality?
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is it possible for the author to trademark the name of an open-source application? [closed]

I would like to know if the name of an open-source application can be trademarked by the original author and what it means when it comes to distributing it through major linux distros, that is, will ...
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Is the link between C# programming language and music obvious for English native speaker?

French is my native language and I just realized that the # in C# is the same character as for the diese music character that raises a note by a half tone. Also, As I made my music elementary class ...
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In what way(s) is LLVM Low Level?

In what way(s) is LLVM (Low Level Virtual Machine) Low Level? (At the time of writing, I did not find this expansion of the abbreviation "LLVM" on its web site, but on Wikipedia.) Is it called "Low ...
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