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Regulation of the software industry [closed]

Every few years someone proposes tighter regulation for the software industry. This IEEE article has been getting some attention lately on the subject. If software engineers who write programs ...
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34 answers

30 minutes to explain programming to a 15 year old [closed]

I've been volunteered to sit down and talk about the life and work of a Developer with a 15 year old work experience student next week. The catches are that I've got just half an hour, and I'll be ...
31 votes
10 answers

How useful are IT headhunters/recruiters when looking for a new job? [closed]

Since they exist for several fields with varying degrees of usefulness, I'm curious as to the reputation of headhunters/recruiters that focus solely on IT professionals (e.g. programmers, software ...
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14 answers

What is the most inspiring speech from a developer you ever watched? [closed]

Please put a direct link to it. Required: Still available online (please put a direct link to it) Must be a speech from a current or former developer Speaker's popularity doesn't matter Target ...
57 votes
10 answers

Are there any unions for software developers? [closed]

Why does Software Engineering not have union representation like other professional occupations, such as teaching? Are there any unions for software developers that exist and are successful?
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17 answers

How do programmers stay healthy? [closed]

Being a programmer is not a very healthy profession - long hours of sitting in front of a computer, with impending deadlines just over the cubicle. This takes a toll on the body and mind. So what ...