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2 answers

How does Gamemaker Create Executables?

How does a Program that is already compiled create standalone .exe files without an apparent compiler? Example game making software like GameMaker that lets you create a game, add all the resources, ...
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What is the meaning of the 90/10 rule of program optimization?

According to Wikipedia, the 90 / 10 rule of program optimization states that “90% of a program execution time is spent in executing 10% of the code” (see the second paragraph here). I really don't ...
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What is the relationship between a program and processes in the Operating System?

A program, I am referring to any program written in any programming language. It could be a Java program which has only one method to do the multiplication, and a main method executes that ...
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Confusion with Seamless technology to load cloud content in local without loading in memory

Recently, I've gone through techcrunch article where it says, Dropbox is working in Project Infinite technology which allows to load cloud content in local PC without actually storing in memory/drive ...
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2 answers

Calling another program from a Windows Service

Problem: I am working on a service which will do some automated processing at a configurable time each night. It does some communication over the internet, formats some information, and creates a file....
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Phenotropic Program Design

I recently ran across an idea put forth by Jaron Lanier called "phenotropic programming." The idea is to use 'surface' interfaces instead of single point interfaces in computer programs utilizing ...
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4 answers

Draw a checkerboard in Java

I'm reading through a programming book and am having trouble understanding a few parts of this code. The program draws a checkerboard, and colors the odd squares black. import*; import ...
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Programming Discrete Wavelet Transform

I am trying to program Discrete Wavelet Transform in Matlab. I do understand that their are various libraries available, but my project requires that I must implement it from scratch. I am taking a ...
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7 votes
2 answers

Nearest color algorithm using Hex Triplet

Wikipedia has a list of colors that I am using for a basis of color names. I want to find the nearest named color given an arbitrary RGB value. For example #5D8AA8 hex triplet is "Air Force Blue". ...
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Program Loaders in Linux and Windows

I was wondering what the loaders in Linux and Windows are called, i.e., their command names? Loaders' definitions are In computing, a loader is the part of an operating system that is ...
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