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Questions tagged [programming-languages]

Artificial languages for instructing computers to do steps of computation in order to complete tasks. They allow programmers to communicate with computers.

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Understanding Typescript's views on inheritance

I have been struggling to understand the reasons why typescript developers choose the way they implemented inheritance. What I would expect from any language supporting inheritance is these order of ...
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What obstacles should I expect in building universal Abstract Syntax Tree's manipulation tool?

I am trying to build code generation and transformation tool and hence I need software for Abstract Syntax Tree manipulation for at least three languages (Coq, Haskell, Java). So far I have managed to ...
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Pre-Compilation Processor:

What I want to do: Parse source code, search for a beginning and closing tag of my own definition (one that does not conflict with any defined patterns in the programming language), and then replace ...
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Haskell where clause: is it more than just a matter of taste?

The traditional (Scheme, Pascal) way to structure code is this: declare outer function declare inner function body of inner function body of outer function The where clause in Haskell moves ...
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What is it about kdb/q that makes the grammar not suitable for ANTLR style parser generators?

I want to build a code analysis tool for personal use when programming in kdb/q. In order to do this, I need to be able to parse q code into an AST. I have never written a parser before. ANTLR4 seems ...
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Decided to code the new project in TypeScript, should everything be coded in this language?

We have decided to code the new project in TypeScript at the company. Does this mean that everything should be coded in this language? Discussion My first thought was Yes. On the other hand ...
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Synchronizing webpage and local pdf

I would like to solve the following problem. On my website, I have a list of my publications. I also have my list of publications on a latex file of my cv. The issue is that I update these manually, ...
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Why are datatypes different in terms of bit size based on complier, and OS used

I was reading a tutorial on C++ as I am new to programming, and I was wondering why the sizeof operator gives different output depending on what you're programming with.
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Retrieve variable from Console.ReadLine()

I am making a tic-tac-toe game in C#. I have a string variable for each square. I want to make it so the user inputs the square name i.e. (topMiddle). Then I declare the input playerInput. I want to ...
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Why do we use 'assert not' in this example?

My code takes 2 dates and finds the age of those dates in days. In my daysBetweenDates method the instructor uses an assert statement: assert not dateIsBefore(year2, month2, day2, year1, month1, day1)...
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Multiple variable declaration, multiple variable assignment, context-sensitive 'in' statement

Lately I've been playing with writing my own programming language, following the excellent Crafting Interpreters book but I've hit something of a snag. I'd like to extend the parser to accept ...
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What naming convention should I use for a JSON RPC client API designed for multiple languages?

This is the documentation with the original RPC client API specification. The naming convention in the specification is camel case. Naming conventions might differ in subtle ways for different ...
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Receiver parameters in Go

I have no idea where to post this question since it isn't about the Go language specification itself but rather the justification. In the Go language, functions can have receiver parameters to ...
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