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Programming Practices are the commonly or not so commonly used practices in development of software. These can include things like Agile Development, Kanban, Coding shortcuts, etc.

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12 votes
4 answers

Which web site gives the most accurate indication of a programmer's capabilities?

If you were hiring programmers, and could choose between one of (say) the top 100 coders on, or one of the top 100 on, which would you choose? At least to me, it would ...
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17 votes
10 answers

How do you normally layout a class's regions?

I was wondering if there was a standard for laying out a class's regions. I currently use Fields Constructor Properties Public Methods Private Methods Fields being Private Properties and ...
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3 votes
3 answers

Getting a coherent view of the state of the data

Here is a theoretical problem. It could apply to many systems. Let's assume RESTful Web services for example. You want to find out something but as it happens you can't get it in a single query. ...
36 votes
8 answers

Is Linq having a mind-numbing effect on .NET programmers?

A lot of us started seeing this phenomenon with jQuery about a year ago when people started asking how to do absolutely insane things like retrieve the query string with jQuery. The difference ...
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14 votes
17 answers

What do you consider to be the prime cause of software defects (and how to minimize them) [closed]

I define defect as : "something within the application design or code which prevents it functioning as per requirements." I'm looking for ideas about the causes of defects, eg the human factor, ...
52 votes
90 answers

What should every programmer know about programming?

Please, stay on technical issues, avoid behavior, cultural, career or political issues.
27 votes
11 answers

Is it okay to use a language that isn't supported by your company for some tasks?

I work for a company that supports several languages: COBOL, VB6, C#, and Java. I use those languages for my primary work, but I often find myself coding some minor programs (e.g. scripts) in Python ...
8 votes
2 answers

5 things before starting a project? [closed]

What are the first 5 things you do before starting a new project? Do you always spend a day researching new frameworks? Or, using similar or competing products?
34 votes
12 answers

Why isn't literate programming mainstream? [closed]

Literate programming has good ideals. Why do you think that this isn't mainstream? It is because it has failed to deliver?
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31 votes
5 answers

Test driven development - convince me! [closed]

I know some people are massive proponents of test driven development. I have used unit tests in the past, but only to test operations that can be tested easily or which I believe will quite possibly ...
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14 votes
10 answers

Will correctness proofs of code ever go mainstream? [closed]

All but the most trivial programs are filled with bugs and so anything that promises to remove them is extremely alluring. At the moment, correctness proofs are code are extremely esoteric, mainly ...
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33 votes
14 answers

Is using goto ever worthwhile?

goto is almost universally discouraged. Is using this statement ever worthwhile?
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6 answers

Best Practices or Project Standards

As a software development contractor I've worked on many projects with differing standards and conventions. Quite often these conventions go against the software best practices we know and 'love'. ...

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