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How to figure out if a certain technology/library is used in development of a proprietary application [closed]

Not sure if the question is relevant here, but basically it is expressed on the title. I'm curious to know if a certain library/technology is used in a proprietary software. How can I satisfy my ...
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What's the best way to control distribution/usage of proprietary, internal software?

I was tasked with writing software for my company. As I am now writing a third program (with many more coming), what's the best way to control the distribution/usage of our software? The software I'...
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Why are developers still using proprietary third-party libraries? [closed]

As the open source world is fairly advanced now and you can find an open source implementation of pretty much everything, why are people/developers still using the obscure/proprietary libraries? In ...
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Closed source proprietary web application with an AGPL source code in iframe or sub-domain [closed]

In a closed source proprietary web application, if I use an AGPL product in a sub-domain or in an iframe do I have to open-source my project? If answer is no, is it possible that both applications ...
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Best approach to develop / distribute proprietary module

I've been brainstorming for a while regarding the best approach to distribute closed-source modules. I'd like to mention that I have found similar question(s) on SE sites but don't think this is ...
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GPL and code producing software

I want to make an online management tool for a server software using GPL licensed software. For the tool I'm fine releasing all software to anyone how wants it. After all, it's not rocket science. ...
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Using GPL’d software in a proprietary web application

We are developing website that we charge money from members to join it as membership annual cost, so, we decided to put a plan for the second stage so we are choosing now the load balancer that we ...
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Is open-sourcing previously-commercial engines a smart move? [duplicate]

I saw that the Unreal Engine is going open-source on github (see link1 and link2) and that made me wonder: "is open-sourcing a previously commercial engine a smart move?" What's the benefit to Epic ...
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GPL - Writing an exception for a plugin interface under section 7 of GPLv3

The problem I've written a application for Android licensed under GPLv3 which needs to use Google Play Services, a proprietary library, as a plugin to the app. Now I'd also like to add libspotify as ...
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If I try to monetize free software, what could possibly prevent someone from forking that software and creating a proprietary version? [duplicate]

I've only recently begun to learn about the tensions between free and proprietary software, and I've been very confused by the way that free software can make money. I understand that free software ...
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"Open source" proprietary software licenses? [closed]

I am writing some software that (for once - usually I open source stuff on sourceforge/github/etc.) I plan on selling. To each source file, I want to attach a proprietary software license that doesn't ...
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LGPL and commerical application in PHP

I have rather specific question about licensing but first of all I would just like to state that I already read a lot of Q&A's here but I'm still not sure about the problem in that particular ...
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What are some ramifications of open source software turning into closed source software?

If a company takes a permissively licensed open source application and then develops a closed source application from that by reworking extensive parts of the application, adding new features and ...
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modify source of copyrighted software

There is a a program that I want to use that is released in two (fully copyrighted) ways: Stable binary form Beta release, mostly-stable binary form that is easy to derive the source (uses jars) (...
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Web Application Licensing - Open Source vs Proprietary

I am developing a web application based on a proprietary (but free) JavaScript API. My company is considering releasing our application as "Open Source", but we are unsure of the different licensing ...
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Javascript and proprietary algorithms

I'll be quite to the point, is there any way to make Javascript a bit more concealed than it usually is or is Javascript always out and open if you look in the source code ? This is about hiding ...
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Migration strategies for deprecating in-house scripting language

We have a scripting language that we use internally for many things. It began as a simple evaluation statements for dynamic labels to become a Turing complete language used pervasively throughout our ...
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What is the best way to provide open and closed source versions side-by-side safely?

My company is looking to develop and release an open source software project along with a proprietary enhanced version, similar to pre-4.0 VirtualBox. What is the best way to maintain the two code ...
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Would it be ethical to create an open source alternative to the software you've been hired to create?

Say you were hired to create education software that will be sold to students of a particular academic institution. You are the only developer working on this project and have written all of the code. ...
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Are there any notable examples of business disasters directly attrutible to open-source software? [closed]

In "enterprise" environments, I've observed a strong prejudice towards proprietary software. Even in large business that use Java, it is unusual to find MySQL or PostgreSQL, and WebSphere and WebLogic ...
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Best existing license for closed-source code [closed]

I'm creating a few closed-source applications on my own (no big company behind me) and am wondering exactly how to protect them. At the top of all the source code files I have this pretty basic ...
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Is it possible for a technically open source application (specifically javascript) to be released under a proprietary license?

A javascript application release won't technically be closed source - at best it can be obfuscated. Given that, my question has two parts: Is it at all possible to release a technically open ...
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