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Request validation on API proxy

I am creating an API proxy that acts as a bridge between our frontend application and an AWS opensearch server. This proxy has additional features such as retries and timeouts. One of the features I'm ...
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How should I handle docker containers and SSL certificates

Background We have a number of backend api's that do work; some connect to equipment, some store data, etc. The original setup was each service was a native c# 6 minimal api running on a ...
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How to avoid duplicate code when working with SOAP proxy classes in different environments?

It's been a long time since I worked with SOAP so my question might be trivial but I just wasn't able to find a satisfying answer so far! Anyways here's what's going on: I got access to a system via ...
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Proxy Pattern in Python

I'm reading a book on design patterns. On proxy pattern the code are following: class SensitiveInfo: def __init__(self): self.users = ['nick', 'tom', 'ben', 'mike'] def read(self): ...
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Serving hundreds of domains from one application with HTTPS

I am building an application which will provide users with custom pages served under the subdomain within my application domain. What I want to do as next step is to allow users to create CNAME which ...
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Multi Tenancy Aware Gateway routing

Hello Fellow Programmers, We are converting our monolithic application into microservice based. One challenge which we are facing is that one of our component is stateful. We cannot make this ...
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Why would I use the proxy instead of direct call to RealSubject?

I'm actually reading about the Proxy design pattern ( and I'm wondering about what does prevent the Client to call directly the RealSubject class. I give ...
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Implementing Proxy pattern via concrete inheritance

Say I have some code which consumes a class called Subject, which implements ISubject. Would there be any concerns if I were to build a ProxySubject, which inherits Subject? I like this style because ...
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What are the advantages of proxy classes?

I've been learning about proxy classes in c++. I really don't see the advantages of using proxy classes, as they're not any better at concealing information than private members are. What advantages ...
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Sharding and application routing cross region on AWS

We current have a very simple Multi Tenant monolith, with a SQL SERVER backend (Self hosted on EC2 on AWS), and multiple application services talking to one DB behind an Classic AWS ELB. Our database ...
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Is an Adapter pattern a Proxy pattern? If not, why not?

A common use of the adapter pattern is to support functionality that isn't actually supported in an underlying class. For example, if I use an API to interact with a Samsung Smart TV, I might want to ...
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Linux Server Hosting through Cloudflare [closed]

I hosted a hobby NodeJS Server from my Linux and all is fine by accessing my direct IP. Because I find this ugly and also less secure, I decided to route my domain which is set to Cloudflare to my IP....
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Understanding a proxy server and connecting to a web api via basic auth

Hopefully this is the correct channel for such a question and my quest for further knowledge. I've currently built a significant platform which allows clients to communicate with our API, which in ...
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Split requests between different server applications

I currently have a web server running apache with multiple sites on it using virtual hosts. I want to add a service to my server that is using nodejs but I want it to be accessible under the same ...
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What are the options to guarantee that a client that's connecting to a server is really who I think it is?

I have a proxy server that talks to a bunch of services and I want to have a way to prove to servers behind the proxy they are actually receiving a request from the proxy server and not from something ...
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407 Proxy authentication required

Are we supposed to write code differently to handle running through a system proxy for Http requests? I have developed an application which uploads many files from a clients network over the internet ...
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How to "proxify" HTTPS request/response

I hope this question isn't considered to "open-ended"... The company that I work for is concerned about their image and they would like to have more control about the publications into their official ...
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Pattern for endpoint that routes requests?

I am building a service that will push notifications to many other services. It has a couple of different notification types that each consumer may care about, but likely will not care about all of ...
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Function acting as a shortcut to object's methods

I was reading Python's requests library's code to find out how it works. Since this library has a simple usage interface, it creates a more complex object beyond. For instance: requests.get(...) Is ...
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Algorithm for implementing QOS in my proxy

Here's the situation: I'm making a proxy (for the moment running on my laptop) which deals with HTTP(S) requests from incoming clients (for the moment only one client, i.e. my Chrome browser on my ...
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Single Responsibility Principle : Proxy Pattern for refactoring

However, in cases where the tests did not force the separation, and the smells of Rigidity and Fragility become strong, the design should be refactored using the Facade or Proxy patterns to separate ...
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