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How to handle errors of pthreads fundamental lock und unlock functions?

I am writing a little C library for the Raspberry Pi for controlling 433MHz transmitters/receivers. While receiving data the whole application would block, so I decided to put this code into a ...
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How should functions that keep state across multiple invocations be made safe?

In Computer Systems: a Programmer's Perspective, 12.7.1 Thread Safety When we program with threads, we must be careful to write functions that have a property called thread safety. A function is said ...
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What is the difference between pthread scope vs. policy?

I'm reading OS Concepts for my undergrad OS class and came across this topic: Pthread scheduling (System and Process) Then I kept reading and came across POSIX Real-Time Scheduling that has two ...
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multithreading - waiting on a condition without using locks (c++11)

i've been wondering about it for a while now but never found any answers. is it possible to use something like a condition variable without a lock? I have a vector of objects, and a thread pool, and ...
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C Thread Architecture

I'm trying my hand at multi-thread C programming and decided to start with a simple ncurses program to move a character across the terminal screen and change direction based on user input (think ...
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pattern to unlock thread and get variable in fast unlock

I have a thread that goes in a loop doing something like this void thread() { pthread_mutex_lock(mutex); for ( ; ; ) { /** code **/ { pthread_mutex_unlock(mutex); /** ...
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Best algorithm to multi-thread this application?

I define an algorithm to be best if it minimizes the total run time over commodity hardware (e.g. normal desktop and server PCs). I have sets A and B. I also have function f that works like f(a, b, n)...
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using pthread_cond_broadcast with no mutex or waiting thread?

Assuming some pthread_cond_t condvar; properly initialized with pthread_cond_init am I allowed to pthread_cond_broadcast it without any mutex locked and thread blocked with pthread_cond_timedwait on ...
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