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Encoding text to image and decoding back to text

(FYI: I asked this question on stack overflow and was directed here) My problem is as follows: I have a dashboard running on a server at customer premises which updates every 15 minutes The dashboard ...
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QR order - how to prevent customers from placing an order when they're not on premise [closed]

From my understanding, a QR code is just a static link which get opened up when I scan the code with my phone's camera. Once opened, a customer can keep the browser tab even after he leaves the ...
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Short and compact barcode

I am writing a c# program where I need to print a lot of small barcodes in a 100x100 grid on a piece of paper. I then scan/photograph the paper and read the barcodes again. Each barcode only need to ...
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Can I store product manufacturing data and a ULR into the same QR code?

I'm manufacturing a product that I will be selling to retailers throughout the United States. I want to be able to track the products manufacturing date, who we sold that batch of production too, and ...
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Is it good practice to echo PHP code into inline JS?

I'm new to PHP and JS and I'm currently working on a gym management web app for our project in school. I'm adding a bit of QR functionality that sees if the user is eligible to enter the gym or not by ...
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Cheap and effective way to secure a transport permit of the wildlife to be prevent being reused

My scenario is like this. I work for a government agency that specialize in the Environment and Natural Resources. We want to make fool-proof functional system (software, hardware, people-ware, policy)...
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Barcode that support ~3500 chars [closed]

I can't figure out a barcode that would support ~3500 chars. The barcode should contain 40 strings with caret return, each 76 chars long. Each string will look like this: ...
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How can I improve my method of authenticating library students

I'm in the process of designing a library system. There's one application for the librarian to manage books, manage users, etc. But, we also need to ensure that subscriptions are paid on time in this ...
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When do I reset Two Factor Authentication secret keys?

I have built a simple authentication system for my web application that makes use of the open-source time-based OTP algorithm (RFC 6238). The key for each user is generated when the user is registered ...
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How many bytes can I fit into a QR code, with low error correction?

I need to fit at least 300 bytes (or much much more) into a QR code and think I can do this by mapping each byte into the associated ISO/IEC 8859-1 character located here. Since each byte (1-255) ...
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QR Codes as Booking Confirmations for Conference?

A client of mine is holding a conference and we have the task of creating a booking system for them. However they have requested that we use QR codes so that on the door, a person can simply present ...
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Patient Record Tracking System

Background At a medical facility, staff can remove patient records (file folders) from a room. The room is locked using a standard tumbler lock (i.e., no swipe cards). The medical facility does not ...
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