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What is the definition of 'Availability'?

In my research, I have found two conflicting definitions of 'availability' as it relates to software engineering and architecture. According to [1]: "The availability of a system can be ...
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How security metrics are verified in testing phase?

I am required to analyze and make an architecture of an application. While analyzing the requirements I find, in my system user personally identifiable information (PII) confidentiality is a very ...
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Robustness vs Correctness Competition [closed]

Reading "Code Complete 2" in a Quality of Requirements paragraph I found this: Are acceptable trade-offs between competing attributes specified — for example, between robustness and correctness? ...
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Technical parameters for web application?

I'm doing a small project for the company a friend of mine works at. The project is a tool for doing Quality function deployment using the House of quality method. As part of the initial planning ...
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Cyclomatic Complexity spread over non-reusable functions

I am frequently writing parser and mappers of some sort. This means that the switch statement gets used a lot and often many if statements for checking for valid input. This of course creates a lot ...
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What quality attribute would be favored using a rich search algorithm?

I'm working on an architecture document based on quality attributes. I'm trying to explain our search algorithm based on tags, historics and some bi information as a way of favouring a quality ...
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Are non-functional requirements elicited in parallel with or after the functional requirements?

I'm studying for the CPRE Foundation Level exam from the International Requirements Engineering Board. In the exam, there is a statement: Quality Requirements are elicited after the Functional ...
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Is there a software attribute (like reliability) that describes a bug free experience?

TL;DR Do non-crashing bugs always affect Functionality, despite possibly affecting other quality attributes as well? Or is there a more specific quality attribute that non-crashing bugs always ...
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6 answers

Why sacrificing good software engineering practices is typically the first choice for software development projects assuming "good enough" quality [duplicate]

I have observed a correlation between a customer ordering software of "good enough" quality and the same customer not willing to pay for good engineering practices (unit testing, code reviews and the ...
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Question about requirements [duplicate]

I know that functional requirements are requirements that tell the system what to do while non-functional requirements are about quality and constraints. For below requirements, which of these will ...
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How do you take into account usability and user requirements for your application? [closed]

Our team supports BackOffice application: a mix of WinForm and WPF windows. (about 80 including dialogs). Really a kind of a Swiss Army Knife. It is used by developers, tech writers, security ...
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18 votes
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What is the difference between a non-functional requirement and a quality attribute?

I'm trying to understand the difference between non-functional requirements and quality attributes. Are they the same thing? You can find a set of quality attributes in the ISO 9126, now ISO/IEC ...
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5 votes
3 answers

How can I improve the ease of which I can extend my software?

I am thinking about how software like Microsoft Windows grows from small as MS-DOS to Windows 7, Adobe Photoshop from its first version to version CS5. What techniques were used to accomplish this? ...
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37 votes
10 answers

Difference between a defect and a bug in testing?

What is the difference between a defect and a bug?
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How can I track quality attributes on my team's Kanban?

My team uses a Kanban system for tracking day-to-day progress and it's worked out really well for understanding progress on features (captured as user stories). We have largely allowed our system ...
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Is premature optimization really the root of all evil?

A colleague of mine today committed a class called ThreadLocalFormat, which basically moved instances of Java Format classes into a thread local, since they are not thread safe and "relatively ...