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This is a tag for questions related to RAD: Rapid Application Development

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Is Multi-Tenancy a viable option in any Java RAD Frameworks?

I've worked as a Full Stack Java Web Developer for many years now and of all the projects I have worked on two things are true of all of them: They were all Multi-Tenant applications with one ...
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What is the recommended strategy to deal with a frequently changing database model during development

A lot of projects have a to be determined database model during early development. This could mean that a lot of SQL will have to be rewritten frequently. What is the recommended strategy to deal with ...
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Does RAD allow you changes or modification after the cutover phase without the need to redo the system? [closed]

Like other agile models, that is a close loop where changes after the system development can still be implemented without the need to redo the whole system, is this possible for the RAD model as well? ...
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what is the correct RAD model diagram [closed]

I am trying to use RAD for our school project and i was searching for a model diagram to follow but i found 2 1st is the ladder type found here: 2nd is this one found here: so i'm really confuse as ...
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3 votes
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Is the following diagrams correct for RAD and Agile methodologies?

I do not know if this would be the right stack exchange site to ask this question but I have been researching on RAD (Rapid Application Development) and Agile methodologies and was trying to find ...
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17 votes
3 answers

Is Agile a variant of RAD?

Wikipedia says that Agile is a type of "RAD" which I guess is incorrect. From what I know, Agile was developed becasue RAD itself was not that sucessfull in 90'S (too rigid for changes). Or am I wrong?...
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10 votes
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What is the relevance of Unit Testing in an "Release early release often" environment?

Over last one year or so, I have driven my team towards the release-early-release-often mode of development (AKA: Rapid Application Development, not Agile). For more information about the manner in ...
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15 votes
5 answers

A simple ways to improve the release quality in RAD environment

A bit of a background here - we are a small team (of 5) of RAD developers responsible for internal software development in a big non-software company. "Internal software" varies from a desktop .NET ...
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1 vote
3 answers

Is there any well known project to VBify C and make C as RAD language?

I have two questions: Question #1: Is there any well known project to VBify C? VBify here means to make it as easy as in VB.NET and to make C well supported in IDE just like VB.NET, i.e. with ...
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Are RAD tools worth the trouble?

I have used RAD tools for windows and web development for many years (primarily Infragistics). I invariably find myself in some situation where I have a very difficult time figuring out what is going ...
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difference between Visual Studio and RADs?

What is the main difference between a Rapid Application Development tool like MonoDev and Visual Studio, is an RAD more focused on one thing? I'm looking to make a web application, are there ...
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