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Resource Allocation Is Initialization is a pattern that ties lifetime of an allocated object to allocated resources. Resources are allocated when an object is constructed and freed when the object is destroyed.

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Is it considered a code smell to not delete static pointers of a singleton?

I have a singleton that needs to be initialized at the start of the program and it will live on until the end of the program. As is usual in this pattern, a function initializing the singleton creates ...
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Managing the disposal of network connections

I am writing a class -- let's call it MessageSender -- that needs to perform operations over the network. It basically does these things: Take some configuration establish a connection send stuff If ...
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How does this pseudo-RAII implementation allow for a scoped lock in C#?

For the concurrency programs I have been writing in C#, my locks/synchronization tend to follow this pattern: try { Monitor.Enter(locker); // critical region } finally { Monitor.Exit(...
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When to actually use RAII?

I understand the concept of RAII: Use the destructor as a means to free resources, such as memory, or closing file handles/database connections. Coming from a Java background this was actually rather ...
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Is the RAII wrapper a good idea for this C transactions API or should I stick to the C style?

Consider the following C API: void BeginTransaction(State *s); void AddToTransaction(State *s, Object *value); void CommitTransaction(State *s); void Foo(State *s, Object *value) { ...
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RAII Idiom Extension Suggestions

RAII is by far the most useful idiom in c++. However there seem to be two common pitfalls associated with it that I believe need to be formally addressed. Failure to release a resource in the ...
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2 answers

Preferable design of scope guard in C++

Recently, I came across an issue about the design of scope guard. A scope guard invokes a supplied function object (usually performs cleanup procedures) upon exiting the enclosing scope. The current ...
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Possible alternatives to copy constructors

In my C++ project I am relying on some libraries that do memory management for me. I make wrapper classes, for ease of use and memory safety, for example the class below. Note that this is a much ...
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How often should RAII be used? [closed]

I've been attempting to learn C++, but it is famously plagued by bad tutorials. I learned about a clever little trick called RAII (Resource Acquisition is Initialization), where one wraps a heap ...
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What if any languages treat undisposed resources as an error? [closed]

I've seen lots of code like the following example. It's in Python, but the same mistake is made in all languages with managed resources: f = open('foo.txt', 'rb') for line in f: print line That's it....
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Is there a way to use RAII techniques in COM?

I am caught between two conceptual models of how to construct objects, and am having trouble working out what standard I want to adopt. I prefer to program in .NET and often try to use RAII and read-...
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8 answers

Disadvantages of scoped-based memory management

I really like scope-based memory management (SBMM), or RAII, as it is more commonly (confusingly?) referred to by the C++ community. As far as I know, except for C++ (and C), there's no other ...
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C API in C++ with RAII, two alternatives to implement error handling (Exceptions)

I have an API written in C, which produces a result by returning a pointer to allocated memory. For using it with C++ (C++11) I've wrapped the function calls in objects, which keep the result in a std:...
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Why can't Java/C# implement RAII?

Question: Why can't Java/C# implement RAII? Clarification: I am aware the garbage collector is not deterministic. So with the current language features it is not possible for an object's Dispose() ...
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