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Problems with evaluating results of search engine by comparison

We're building a search engine at a client's place. To evaluate the results, the client is comparing top N results of our search engine to top N results of a competitor. And they want me to get at ...
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TIOBE Index: why c++ is in 3rd place and C is having more land in the last year?

Searching for c++ ranking on the TIOBE index, I was stumped to see that C is in front of C++, and from 2017, C took a leap. Could someone explain why?
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2 answers

Proper way to track ranking evolution of some db records

I will have a database of products where each record will have a number associated with it, let's say, the number of "sales". I will periodically update the database so each "sales" field for each ...
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3 answers

Algorithm for ranking a list of items

Given a list of items, what's the most efficient way of ranking those items with the least number of comparisons? Is there a name for this type of algorithm (that way I can focus my search)? Also, is ...
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How do I use decision tables to prioritize between objects - or should I do something different? [closed]

I have a case similar to this one: Multivariable decisions The difference is, that it's not a single decision I need to make but more like I have a pool of (let's say 10 object) where each object has ...
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How can I rank teams based off of head to head wins/losses

I'm trying to write an algorithm (specifically in Ruby) that will rank teams based on their record against each other. If a team A and team B have won the same amount of games against each other, then ...
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Win loss code that does not make 1-0 record better than someone like 20-3

ok, am just looking for a win loss code example. This can be for any language, just wanting the outline. Fairly new to programming, so dummy it up for me :) I can do (win-loss/total of win loss). ...
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