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Rate limiting design

I am designing rate limiting in my application in which the rules can be dynamic. I have a basic design in which every request is validated against the rate limiting quota, which is stored in redis. ...
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Dealing with third party api rate limit when using multiple services

I have 1 api key that has a rate limit 1000req/1min. I would like to somehow use 50% of that limit in service 1 and 50% of that limit in service 2. Let's say they're just 2 separate processes using ...
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Pattern to limit message queue processing based on external API throttling

I have a project where there's an external API which implements throttling. Roughly speaking, I'm allowed to perform N requests per minute. I also have a message queue (Apache Kafka) whose consumers ...
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Best practices for calling from one microservice to another in a loop

Let's assume we have a use case where ServiceA needs to make several calls to ServiceB. I know it would be best if the calls could be consolidated as one request, but let's say that's just not ...
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Does API Rate Limiting Violate REST Methodology?

Information given here adequately explains the "Stateless" nature of REST. Even going as far as to say: For becoming stateless, do not store even authentication/authorization details of ...
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Smooth out requests to rate limitted API

wasted requests not enough time for those requests | | | | (1) |-x--x-----------------x----x--x--x| x x (executing ...
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Should REST API rate limiting specifics be told to the caller?

I have an REST API, which has a rate limit of 1 query per IP per 5 seconds. When the user tries to call the API too often, I respond with the HTTP status code 429 Too Many Requests and a JSON message. ...
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How to reduce DoS and DDoS attacks in an authenticated web server

I came up with an model to reduce DoS and DDoS attacks and would like your input on its effectiveness... Basically, once a request reaches our servers without having a valid key, we add a key as a ...
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Rate limiting *un*-authenticated requests

Say we have a load balancer that also does rate limiting. Rate limiting seems pretty straightforward for logged-in users - just look at the JWT and maybe use an in-memory data-store to see how many ...
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How to limit the amount of requests by minute to a external system on a micro services environment?

I'm having some problems to think on a solution to control the amount of requests by minute to a external system on a micro services environment on Kubernetes. The scenario This external system is ...
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