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What's the difference between business modeling and requirement in RUP?

I'm learning the Rational Unified Process (RUP) in a software engineering class. I cannot figure out the difference between business modeling and requirement. In the business modeling step, we need to ...
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Consider as a single class or attribute/operation of existing class?

There are different methods for recognizing classes in UP methodology: noun/verb analysis using CRC analysis using RUP stereotypes other sources I have read above methods fully detailed in UML 2 and ...
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How to deal with changes in the requirements because design decisions?

Using RUP methodolgy, when doing "finding actors and use cases" and "specification of use cases" activities, we are recommended not to think about how we are going to build the system (take design ...
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what is the meaning of iterative in RUP?

I have been reading the article entitled "A manager's introduction to RUP" and I have some doubts about what does iterations really mean on this methodology. For what I know RUP has 4 phases: ...
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Agile unified process has all the UML diagrams that Rational Unified Process have?

I have read several questions here, and searched over the internet, but didnt find an answer to my question, thats why I ask, with Agile Unified Process, I have to build all the UML diagrams that I ...
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Requirements specification for Multi-Channel website

The company I'm working on has a RUP-like software development process, with very heavy documentation. Right now we're doing a Multi-Channel web site -it's intended to be seen in Desktop, Tablets and ...
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9 votes
3 answers

Difference between Unified Process model and agile development [duplicate]

I am confused concerning the unified process model and agile development. When I'm reading about the UP, I'm only understanding that it is an iterative improvement. Can someone please clarify this?
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2 answers

Agile unified process vs. agile lifecycle process

I wanted to know the difference between agile lifecycle and agile unified process(AUP). I do understand that AUP is a modified version of RUP using agile methodology. Can you please elaborate on the ...
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What are the differences between the Unified Process and the Rational Unified Process?

Are there any differences between the Rational Unified Process (RUP) and the Unified Process (UP)? What does "Rational" mean, in this context?
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Analysing Group & Individual Member Performance -RUP

I am writing a report which requires the analysis of performance of each individual team member. This is for a software development project developed using the Unified Process (UP). I was just ...
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What are the advantages of the Unified Software Development Process?

Why should an organization adopt the unified process over others? What are the relative advantages? I know that it is closely coupled with UML, but clearly this cannot be the only advantage. Why ...
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7 answers

How indepth should a programmer develop his understanding of the Unified Process and UML? [closed]

I know a lot of places use UML and the unified process as their development model... but then there's a lot that don't. Would it be important to have more than a basic and functional understanding of ...
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3 answers

Differences between a Unified Process and an Agile project plan?

There've been many discussions on SO about the differences between (Rational) Unified Process and the Agile methodology. Can someone please give me an example on how different a project plan would be ...
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How can I apply regression modeling to analyze the characteristics of Extreme Programming and the Rational Unified Process?

I have been given task that has a case study developed by Extreme Programming (XP) and the Rational Unified Process (RUP). I was asked to apply regression models and take some dependent variables and ...
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