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Razor is a template language used by ASP.NET Web Pages and ASP.NET MVC (since version 3). It supports seamless transitions between HTML markup and C# or VB code. Transitions between markup and code are indicated by the "@" sign.

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ASP .NET Core 6 - .razor components - Routing

I come from a background in ASP.NET MVC 5 on .NET 4.8. I've been trying to wrap my head around the new razor pages, and can't seem to get routing to work, or understand it, even. I don't want to use ...
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Top Menu bar driving a sidebar sub menu

I have an application written is C# ASP.NET MVC 4 with Razor views. I am a bit stuck on my menu structure. As per the image above, one can see that there is a Top Menu and a Side Menu. The standard ...
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add web api endpoint, which return html from view

I have ASP.NET 5 Web Api and need to do the following task: Add endpoint, which get cshtml page and return generated html, so it should do the same what is does razor view engine. What is better way ...
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Is it the right pattern for Razor Pages' private methods to return IActionResult to handler?

Is this a good code pattern in ASP.NET Core Razor Pages, for private methods to return IActionResult to the calling handler? // Public handler public IActionResult OnGet() { var result = ...
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Parsing Razor-style Templates

I want to build a template engine (ITT not another template engine...) based on Razor. I've been at it for quite a long time not getting anywhere and quite frankly I'm at my limit. I've tried rolling ...
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