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MySQL 5.7 json type or MongoDB document?

I'am working on a project that use MySQL as RDBMS. Recently, we have to manipulate a big json data. So, the first solution that comes in mind, and for many reasons, is to cooperate mongoDB with Mysql ...
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Is MongoDB the right choice in my case? [closed]

I'm going to build my first real project in Rails that consist in a web app made of 3 main parts: The static part where no database is used The User registration part which will require a database ...
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Why is filesystem preferred for logs instead of RDBMS?

Question should be clear from its title. For example Apache saves its access and error logs in files instead of RDBMS no matter on how large or small scale it is being utilized. For RDMS we just have ...
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When would someone use MongoDB (or similar) over a Relational DBMS?

I'm a bit confused about the whole NoSQL thing and such. When would you choose to use something like MongoDB over something like Oracle or MySQL? I don't really understand the "difference" as far as ...
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