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Why do many software developers violate the open/closed principle?

Why do many software developers violate the open/closed principle by modifying many things like renaming functions which will break the application after upgrading? This question jumps to my head ...
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Ways to explain code when told it doesn't make sense

As a programmer I have found my code frequently elicits the reaction "I don't understand". Whenever I get this response I try my best to explain my code patiently, and not make anyone feel ...
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Why is JSX good, when JSP scriptlets are bad?

React.js provides JSX as an XHTML-like syntax for constructing a tree of components and elements. JSX compiles to Javascript, and instead of providing loops or conditionals in JSX proper, you use ...
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How to store blog post in database - React & GraphQL

I am building travel blog using React as frontend Javascript framework along with GraphQL. I am doing this project by myself as a pilot test and I am currently in a phase of translating photoshop ...
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