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How to show only most recent items in most efficient way?

Consider application where users rates products (e.g. 1-5 stars). Through passage of time, there might be millions of records. One can create desired indexes and/or keep sum and count of all ratings ...
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readonly vs. private getter-only property in C# 6

C# 6 added auto-property initializers and so we can do private List<LinearLayout> layouts1 { get; } = new List<LinearLayout>(); Is this better or worse than private readonly List<...
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What is the DevOps term for 'read-only-deployment' pattern of a web application? [closed]

There is a lot of optimism around Blue-Green deployments, particularly from luminaries like Martin Fowler. The challenge with a financial services application, is that to make a blue-green ...
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How is it possible to program using only immutable / "read-only" variables?

I believe there are languages where all names with associated values cannot have their associated values changed. An example would be a language where all names behave like a does in the following C ...
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