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Rebol is a modern interpreted language where code is data. It isn't object oriented, but has objects. It isn't a functional language but has first class functions. There are virtually no syntax rules or immutable keywords, making it ideal for developing domain-specific "dialects".

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Which is a more efficient approach to decoding escape sequences in text?

I'm working on parsers that not only process delimited content, but also escape sequences within certain portions of that content. I'm contemplating the efficiency of several approaches to ...
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Rebol refinements vs. dialects vs. objects

I occasionally get conflicted when using a language that isn't Rebol (happens from time to time) and get to thinking, hm—would life be easier in Rebol if this thing worked this way? To illustrate my ...
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How to decouple SELF as a special word within Rebol objects?

Rebol has no keywords. It's a concept that forms a part of what makes the language so versatile—any word can be reassigned, any word can be assigned the value of a 'built-in' function—and one that in ...
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Would Rebol (or Red) benefit from Lisp-style Macros?

As a 'seasoned' Rebol developer with some knowledge of the world outside, I'd be curious as to the utility/pitfalls of implementing Lisp-style macros in Rebol (and/or Red). My understanding (always ...
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Is Rebol a functional programming language?

I ran into Rebol and I was wondering about it. I ran into the following script from here: use [feed questions answers][ feed: load-xml/dom questions:...