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What is a forged redirect? (in the context of javascript's fetch API)

I'm trying to make sense of the docs located at: It says Note: Relying on redirected to filter out redirects makes it easy for a ...
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HTTP redirect vs JS redirect

I have a Svelte web app exclusively for internal use, so there is no main landing page or registration, as accounts need to be created by the admin. Since the main page has no function as an ...
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Basic question on how to redirect users to third party payment sites

My sincere apologies, if this question is too vague but I am really curious in understanding how payment redirection works in web development without exposing data in url parameters. In detail with ...
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What are the benefits of using meta tag/JavaScript redirection over HTTP header redirection?

Upon inspecting Twitter's URL shortening service, I noticed that, instead of redirecting to the goal URL using a Location HTTP header and a 3xx HTTP status code, it redirects using the ...
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Website redirect in cache to old website

So I've developed a website for a client, however he used to use this url with a re-direct to 'another' site of his. I had the re-direct cancelled, but whoever visited their old website before, still ...
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Redirection methods for webpages

(This is question involving user experience, but I am primarily interested in the best practice technical solution to this common problem.) There are several places in my website where users are ...
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Preventing Web Site Users From Using Their Back Button To Get To Cached Screens After Logging Out?

I have a legacy Java webapp ( Spring 3.1 MVC, legacy servlest and JSPs ) I have modified to log the user out after s/he clicks an external link to leave the web site. The last screen(s) s/he was on ...
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Creating a site just for URL redirecting (.NET MVC) due to changing domains and URLs

I'd just like to hear about any experience creating a (simple) site for redirecting requests. Basically we have multiple domains, but as we add more domains and change URLs, there is a huge problem ...
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