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React Redux chain-of-actions pattern - should I create new synchronous middleware for synchronous actions?

I am creating React Web application with Yii2 API and Redux-Saga which calls Yii2 API (asynchronously). I am stuck with one especially large and complex user action (initiated by the selection of good,...
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"Fetch the data if it doesn't exist" selector?

Let's say I have a react component like this: const MyComponent = ({data}) => (<div>{JSON.stringify(data)}</div>); const myReduxSelector = (state, id) => state.someData[id]; ...
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When using Redux/Redux-Saga - should JWTs be set in the action creators/sagas?

Almost every blog post I've encountered around generic auth handling using JWTs in a React/Redux/Saga application does the same thing, which is to store the JWT in local storage, in the action/saga. ...
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Redux LOADING/SUCCESS/ERROR pattern - when using redux-saga

On a typical web app, we commonly have to deal the LOADING/SUCCESS/ERROR problem - which is that: When I make a backend request I want to display a loading cursor, perhaps disable some buttons. ...
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