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Is it possible to update exactly 1 byte in RAM?

For example I have a static C++ array {'d', 'o', 'c', 's'}. And I have x86 architecture, with 32-bits length words. I want to replace letter c with g. As far as I understand, when we make a read ...
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If we are allowing anonymous users to register inside our web site, how we can prevent hackers from occupying others' email address

I am planning to start a new core MVC web application. One of the features we are having is that anonymous users can register inside our web application by entering their email addresses. then ...
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Registers and Stacks in NASM

So, I am more or less voluntarily learning NASM, and I have problems finding sources that really explain it. Unlike with Java or C# I can't just use google as well, since Assembly just isn't used by ...
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Which registers should executable loader install before start a program?

For example, I have simple C program that only have main function that just returns 0. What registers should loader (Linux exec loader, I guess) install before start a program? I didn't find ...
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When designing an ISA , is it a good design decision to permit a `pop` instruction that does not require an operand to receive the popped value?

A lot of ISAs including x86, x64, ARM, Itanium, have a pop instruction that requires an operand which is usually a register (or, in ARM's case, a register list). In fact, I can't think of an ISA off ...
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The difference between accumulator-based and register-based CPU architecture?

I don't understand the difference between an accumulator-based CPU architecture and a register-based CPU architecture. I know x86 is register-based but it has an accumulator-like register. I only ever ...
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Why can less precise data like float be faster than larger, more precise data like double?

I am currently reading a chapter in a textbook on Processor Architecture and saw the following statement: The less precision there is, the less space is occupied by a program variable in memory. ...
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Source of loading value to the register or memory location

When we load a register or memory location with a value (e.g. MVI 3A or MVI 53), what initializes register or memory location with that specific value? It is the CPU who performs the initialization, ...
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What is a good way to debug when does a specific value is pushed onto stack in assembly code?

I am currently debugging a very old game (so there is no customer support) that keeps crashing under certain condition and I have found out it is because unsigned short to unsigned int conversion was ...
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In x86, where are the memory addresses of the values on the stack located?

Suppose I have a very simple C program that just does this: int i = 6; int j = 4; int k = 5; int a = i + j + k; Since i, j, and k are on the stack, they will be located relative to the stack pointer....
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multiplication with insufficiently long registers [duplicate]

I want to multiply two numbers but since I don’t have long enough registers in the current architecture need to “break them down” into shorter ones and somehow perform the calculation. For example: ...
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Optimizing code by using registers, but what if they are not enough in number?

One way to optimize code is to minimize the access to arrays and use variables instead, because that way we use registers instead of loading data to cache memory. For example, if in a loop I'm going ...
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Handling multiple login methods

Currently, I'm using Parse to handle my backend, and I have multiple ways to login -> via regular email/password and via linkedin. Parse has a specific method of logging in requiring username/...
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What are CPU registers?

This question has been bothering me for some time now and today I figured I would Google it. I've read some stuff about it and it seemed very similar to what I've always known as processor cache. Is ...
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Strategies for removing register_globals from a file

I have a file (or rather, a list of about 100 files) in my website's repository that is still requiring the use of register_globals and other nastiness (like custom error reporting, etc) because the ...
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