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"Reinventing the wheel", when applied specifically to programming, is the act of reprogramming something that has already been made, and which can alternatively be copied from a pre-existing source and reused.

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Migrating an application using a custom API logging system

I'm turning a VB6 application into a VB.NET (using a migration tool). This software relies on a custom DLL which handles logging. This DLL logs to flat files and optionnaly in a GUI component. Also ...
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For learning purposes, how should I set about implementing an arbitrary precision library in C or C++?

I know I am reinventing the wheel. But I'm really interested in implementing arbitrary precision numbers (integers, rationals, complex, etc) in C or C++ and their algorithms. Please be patient. My ...
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Generalization of phase based systems for card and board games

In an exercise of futility I'm trying to abstract and generalize a framework where to build any turn/rule based system. I've had a head start but after decompiling HearthStone I'm second-guessing that ...
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Holding of files being edited in a text editor

I'm writing an implementation of Ex (hopefully Vi eventually) as a personal project. I need to somehow store an identifier for the file associated with each buffer. In terms of security/race ...
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How to avoid reinventing the wheel when using complex frameworks?

For the backstory, I'm developing a GUI application in C#/WPF. I already had in my code quite many instances of <ComboBox ItemsSource="{Binding Items}"> <ComboBox.ItemTemplate> ...
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When to use tools vs custom development? [closed]

To learn dependency injection in a current side-project, I am writing my own dependency injection container. But this has lead me to wonder, at what point is it worthwhile to use a third party ...
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Thoughts on refactoring a generic DAO

I have designed a generic DAO in Java and am having confusion about whether to refactor it to different design or not. PS Don't say to use already existing 3rd person framework. I know there are some ...
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Developing wheel reinventing tendencies into a skill as opposed to reluctantly learning wheel-finding skills? [duplicate]

I am more of a high-level wheel reinventor. I definitely prefer to make use of existing API features built into a language and popular third-party frameworks that I know can solve the problem, ...
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Reinventing the wheel, or the technology that drives it? [closed]

I recently asked a question on StackOverflow that was related to string splitting and pattern matching in .NET. Some beady eyed developers that viewed the question said: "It looks like you're trying ...
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Advice/Approach for distilling homogenous code and building common code for a team

I work for the State of California. Our programming team in my opinion is not really a 'team' in that we usually work solo on projects throughout the application/systems complete life-cycle. The end ...
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If a fluent coder disregards good practices, doesn't his fluency work against him? [closed]

I am working on a fairly large and buggy application - and due to the way it's written (I'll spare you details, but it violates rules in most areas you can think of), it is next to impossible ...
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What counts as reinventing the wheel?

Do the following scenarios count as "reinventing the wheel" in your book? A solution exists, but not in the language you want to use, and existing solutions can't be interfaced with the language you ...
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Is reinventing the wheel really all that bad?

Its common knowledge in programming that reinventing the wheel is bad or evil. But why is that? I am not suggesting that it's good. I believe it to be wrong. However, I once read an article that ...