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Why do HTML and JS feel slow on smartphones? What could be changed to make them faster? [closed]

HTML rendering and javascript engines are very optimized, so why do they feel slow on smartphones? It seems that HTML's low performance justified the creation of mobiles "apps" which are ...
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Should an entity know how to render itself or is it renderers job to figure out how to draw an Entity?

If I have a graph which consists of nodes like this: class Graph { public: ... int32_t width(); int32_t height(); const Node * getNode(int32_t height, int32_t width)...
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Server side rendering of third party updated html components

Say I am wanting to include a third party HTML component in my site... I know that I can simply include a <script> tag to pull in the component on the client's side; however because I do not ...
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What could cause a bug to be "Person-Dependent"?

This is quite theoretical, and I hope it's the right SE site. A couple of years ago I worked at a company using Maya 2014 (I think that was the version) with a couple of other 3D Artists. Eventually ...
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How does the Arabic typographic layout system work at a high level?

I have some Arabic content that is justified according to western conventions. I justified it because it is justified in ancient sources: However, the way Arabic text justification works is by ...
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What's the prefer way to construct a personal blog render system, SSR or prerender or anything else?

I am building a personal blog system. The system is more like a platform, means that not only the admin, but all registered users can post their blogs. We've decided that using markdown as the blog's ...
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Is JavaScript added and executed in parsing or in rendering?

As far as I know, each webpage is created in a two stage process, initiated by a webserver request and ended in a webserver response: Parsing: markup (Say HTML) is executed as is, or created by ...
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What is the best unit of measurement for drawing with user scripts?

I want to make an android app that allows you to write scripts to draw stuff. Like text, buttons, images... using opengl. Now, if i have a function that draws an image like this: drawImage( ...
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3D Rendering Engine architecture for multipass rendering

I'm implementing a simple 3D rendering engine for my game, I'm using DirectX11. I created a simple architecture for the rendering engine, with a central rendering system (RenderingSystem class, a ...
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How to efficiently render objects in a database?

My application is similar to a very simple CAD program. The user can create and modify a database of several thousand, simple 3D objects (e.g. cubes and spheres). Each object has a position, ...
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Unit testing a software renderer, dealing with coupling due to speed issues

Unit testing is something I love now after forcing myself to do it in projects (and doing it at work) after seeing the massive rewards it offers down the road when refactoring and ensuring things work ...
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How is rendering a Word document different from rendering a website? [closed]

Now, it doesn't necessarily have to be Word — for ease of comparison, let's use ODT, which is based on XML — which is pretty similar to HTML. That would, to my mind, make rendering an ODT ...
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Finite Element Shader

I am working on a geometric wrapper for a space jet exhaust impingement solver. A key part of the solution is determining what the jet can "see" and therefore hit. My model is grouped with nodes or ...
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Efficient 2d per pixel lighting on Android [closed]

I am trying to create a simple 2d game to learn on my own. My current task is creating a lighting scheme. My goal is to make the screen appear dark except where I create lights. I have a light class ...
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Would one use a 2D Gaming Engine for a desktop application?

I am thinking about a library that I could use for a program to create presentations but I am not sure what one could/should use for a task like that. What first came to my mind are 2D Gaming Engines ...
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How do browsers paint a render tree to the screen?

I'm interested in building a browser-like rendering engine. I understand a bit about how OpenGL and GUI toolkits work. But how do browsers actually put pixels on the screen? Are they like software ...
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How and when should I design a simple mark-up language parser? [closed]

I want to write a simple markup language with its rendering engine. First, I am not completely sure when I should try this... I am only 12... But I am competent in C++ having learned through the Web ...
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Which layer should order the columns shown to the user when using MVC?

Say you want to render a table with five columns, but you want the order of the columns to be different depending on some specific parameter. This would be very easy to accomplish if the model sets ...
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Why not a standard rendering engine to solve cross browser problems [closed]

Why do browsers use different rendering engines, this causes the problem I hate the most "make your HTML/CSS compatible with all major web browsers". Why don't they use one rendering engine as a ...
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How does font rendering actually work?

I realize that I know essentially nothing about the way fonts get rendered in my computer. From what I can observe, font rendering is generally made in a consistent way throughout the system. For ...
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Is it possible to use RubyGnome2's/QtRuby's HTML renderers to make UI for a Ruby script?

I'd like to make a graphical user interface for my script, instead of running it from the console. I'm aware there's a wealth of UI libraries for Ruby, but I'm quite familiar with HTML and CSS and I'd ...
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Rails - Does using partials slow views rendering?

I'm having performance issues on a Rails 3.1.0 application, now I've done dome changes on my queries with AR and so but views still takes too many time to render, I've divided the views, loops and so, ...
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What's the best practice for rendering a different GSP template based on the type of object in a collection?

Let's say I have a collection that is setup in my controller, named "things." In this collection is a heterogeneous assortment of objects. Let's say some are of type "Thing" and some others are of ...
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