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New frontend for legacy code

How would you engineer this: You have a legacy application that is a big ball of mud and a monolith. This application is "impossible" to change to look good on mobile devices. The management ...
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What should be preferable "architecture" for college website: Responsive vs PWA / Hybrid / Native / Flutter

We have a college management system developed over a decade as and when requirements came along. The project team also comprised of students currently doing graduation in the course. These students ...
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For a responsive app, do frequent conditionals checking device size indicate a code smell or antipattern?

I have joined a team working on a large and mature responsive website (using a javascript MVC framework), and one thing I frequently see in the codebase is branching code in controllers or components ...
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ReactJS - proper way to handle a responsive design approach?

I've always used CSS and media queries when it comes to responsive design. I've been developing in ReactJS for a while, but I feel my approach to responsive design is sloppy. I find myself using a mix ...
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Why to design for mobile and scale to desktop with media query?

In the W3schools tutorial on CSS3 media queries they recommend to have the standard layout adapted to mobile viewing, and have a media query "scale it up" to desktop format when viewing on a desktop ...
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Separate codebase for responsive website and mobile apps?

I made a simple responsive single page web app (about 5 views) to replace our old jsf web application using angularjs+bootstrap. Now looking into frameworks like ionic, cordova and what I ...
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Would you use a responsive framework in this scenario?

I'm working with a large enterprise application custom CMS. The content managers have some level of control of the HTML, but there are a number of elements that are created by the dev team for more ...
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How can I use a framework like Bootstrap when I already have designs from a design team [closed]

We are about to start an AngularJS project. In fact, the CMS will be AEM (Adobe Experience Manager). I'm now looking into the CSS/layout framework, and whether its worth using something like Bootstrap,...
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Is it OK to replace html on resize?

I was asked to take over a web project. It is supposed to be a responsive website, but the former programmer didn't write the HTML/CSS with responsivity in mind and adding code to make it responsive ...
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PHP vs ROR for AJAX and responsive design [closed]

I'm in the planning phase of making a website for calculating various mathematical problems, as a school/sparetime project with a couple of friends. We're gonna start off with implementing a "right ...
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With a highly bespoke responsive website, will it be most effecient to customise bootstrap / use something else (pure-io?) / roll my own rules [closed]

I've got a few non trivial responsive website builds coming up. They are not platforms or apps, but large marketing / brochure websites where eye for detail is important. I've used bootstrap ...
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What techniques should I use when implementing infinite scrolling on a website? [closed]

I am currently working on a website which implements infinite scrolling on it's search page (the results themselves coming from Elastic search) and, unsurprisingly, the more you scroll the slower ...
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Is Interactive the term for web application that respond quickly to user?

Just a quick question on Web Application attribute, if responsive (which mainly stems from web design) means website that adapts to different screen size, then the closest term I can find for Web ...
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Switching between mobile webapp version using Ionic Framework and Desktop web app version?

I own a web application that make use of Twitter Bootstrap 3. This eases the design of the mobile version since it brings some responsive features. However, I would like a really native-mobile aspect ...
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CSS structure for creating responsive websites

I'm a back-end engineer who works on a small team so occasionally needs to do some front-end. I like to develop a good workflow and project structure before I start anything, so I'm wondering about ...
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Mockup strategy for Responsive Web Design (from a programmer point of view)

When making mockups for Responsive Web Design projects, should I separate them by Page or by Screen Size? Which one would be more helpful when I start writing the source code? What are the pros and ...
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Can I use the code for responsive video on this github link under a license?

This is the link: I am new to github and web development.So please bear with my questions. I would like to use the responsive video code on the link mentioned ...
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What about using MVC as the way to provide Responsive Web Design?

Responsive Web Design shows the user different elements -- or elements arranged in different ways -- by using media queries (if the device is a desktop or laptop, show them this; if a tablet, show ...
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How to factor in responsive design when providing an estimate for web applications?

In the past usually I have only had to estimate web applications based on browser support. But for more recent projects device and platform support are also very important as well (screen resolution)....
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Responsive Design vs. Separate applications/views

I'm involved in a project for a redesign of an existing site. The Designer Team delivered us -the Engineering Team- four separate HTML/CSS prototypes of how the site should look: On a Desktop Browser....
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Does responsive web design go against the Separations Of Concerns principle?

I'm wondering how responsive design plays along with the Separations of Concern principle, in respect of how we're allowing a single implementation behave for multiple presentation devices (mobile, ...
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