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Looking back at the project or phase of a project to discuss what was successful, what could be improved, and how to include the successful activities or improvements into the remainder of the project as well as future projects.

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Should we be documenting our Scrum Retrospective feedback before the Retrospective meeting?

Our Scrum master wants us to document our feedback for the iteration before our Retrospective. Her argument is that she wants us to have time to document our feedback. Another guy on the thinks that ...
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What to do after after completing the project, but before I move on to the next one?

I have studied computer science and am now working in a company as a single developer on a pretty agile Java-project for almost a year. The project will soon be successfully (at least I hope so!) ...
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Developer, QA product management accountability using public shaming? [duplicate]

So our scrum team was talking this morning about some mega screw ups that one team continues to make but could apply in any situation and how we could bring transparency and accountability for the ...
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How does the product owner decide how successful a Sprint was? [closed]

Obviously if the product owner judges solely based on whether the committed stories were done, it wouldn't be good, because then the team will just commit to fewer stories next Sprint. On the other ...
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Participants in Agile retrospective

Who should be the participants in retrospective? Will it be only the team members OR should the Product manager, all the stakeholders and dependent teams also participate. I am of the opinion that ...
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Is 'process debt' a term people work with

As a result of a retrospective we were uncovering worse ways of developing software. We had a idea we though was great and tried it. We stayed with it during the development of a major update which ...
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How do you run a sprint retrospective to maximize participation and honesty? And what about follow up on action items? [closed]

I've seen it done as a free-for-all where the scrum master just asks everyone to throw out comments. Or a time-boxed session where "anonymous" comments are posted on the walls bucketed by category. My ...
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Agile Retrospective Ideas [closed]

I am a Junior at workplace and I have been to a number of our retrospectives over the last year. I have been asked to facilitate a retrospective of my own. So far, we have done "hats (red, green, ...
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How often do you review and validate your practices/process?

We currently drive changes to our process through the following mechanisms: Weekly wrap-up meeting Project postmortem We discuss what isn't working, what is working, etc. I use these settings to ...
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